Course NumberCH-02-610
PDH Hours2
Introduction to Oil Well Production Chemicals

Recorded Webinar: Introduction to Oil Field Production Chemicals

Author: Ed Chesny

This On-Demand webinar introduces the problems associated with oilfield production and the chemical treatment methods that are used to solve them. These chemicals help provide flow assurance of the products, oil and water separation, while maintaining facility asset integrity. This course details the numerous underlying problems that chemicals work to rectify when producing, separating, transporting, and processing crude oil and natural gas products from the wellhead to the refinery.

The webinar steps you through the processes and tools used to collect, study, and evaluate the produced liquids for the scale of the underlying problems. Then how the fluids are treated, moved, separated, aggregated, stored, and transferred for sale as these hydrocarbon products. Many of the chemical problems encountered in nature are mixed and overlapping, consequently the possible solutions are numerous, multiple, and complicated. In fact, some of the more common solutions used today are slowly being displaced by more effective and ecologically favorable, but costlier alternatives that provide a clean saleable product while maintaining a healthier natural environment. Cost versus value added is always part of economic decision making.

Learning Objectives

This Recorded Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learn how PCP’s produced crude oil products are handled, processed, sold, and/or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Recognize and identify the similarities and differences in equipping a PCP versus other artificial lift pumping systems.
  • Recognize the capabilities & limitations of PCP’s.
  • Learn and understand the surface operating conditions and sub-surface reservoir conditions under which a PCP is best suited for efficient performance.
  • Learn why this niche pumping system has the best performance in a variety of applications in very challenging environments.
  • Describe the potential workplace challenges posed by a PCP system installation and learn how good safety practices keep field personnel safe in the remote outdoor workplace.

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