Course NumberEE-02-461
PDH Hours4
Recorded Webinar – NEC Fundamentals for Solar

Recorded Webinar: NEC Fundamentals for Solar

Author: John Cromer

This On-Demand webinar is written to introduce building professionals and engineers to the early sections of National Electric Code. It covers common faults, workmanship best practices, clearance spaces, grounding, and basic electric components discussed in Articles 100-400 of NEC.

Solar and batteries are relatively new industries which require a technical professional to be aware of electrical safety and design risks.
But the specialized sections of National Electric Code are a better understood with general knowledge covered by the introductory chapters of the codebook.

Solar and battery projects are used throughout class as examples, but this class focuses on the introductory requirements of NEC for those projects.
Written for a technical audience, this course is well suited for advancing residential construction knowledge or basic electrical knowledge in general.

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Detail general vocabulary and balance of system components common to building-based solar and battery storage as they appear in National Electric Code to improve technical knowledge.
  • Understand fundamentals of building grounding and electrical fault detection for site safety benefit.
  • Review the primary sections of National Electric Code in a comprehensive, sequential manner to improve general electrical knowledge.
  • Identify general items which are necessary to install a code-compliant onsite electrical system, using solar and battery projects as examples.
  • Understand how code is created from real world design issues to improve basic understanding of how electricity works.
  • Review conductor cable jacket types to improve project design and drawings.
  • Learn various parts of electric code common to industry solar or electrical examinations.
  • Develop an understanding of the general balance-of-system planning requirements for onsite renewable and battery projects.

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