Course NumberME-02-501
PDH Hours10
The Role of Energy Storage with Renewable Energy

The Role of Energy Storage with Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, have variable and uncertain (sometimes referred to as “intermittent”) output, which are unlike the dispatchable sources used for the majority of electricity generation in the United States. The variability of these sources has led to concerns regarding the reliability of an electric grid that derives a large fraction of its energy from these sources as well as the cost of reliably integrating large amounts of variable generation into the electric grid. This course examines the technical and economic impacts of variable renewable energy sources including demand response, transmission, flexible generation, and improved operational practices. In addition, it considers the potential role of energy storage in relation to the needs of the electric power system as a whole.

This course explores the role of energy storage in the electricity grid, focusing on the effects of large-scale deployment of variable renewable sources (primarily wind and solar energy). It discusses the existing grid and the current role that energy storage has in meeting the constantly varying demand for electricity, as well as the need for operating reserves to achieve reliable service. The impact of variable renewables on the grid is presented, including how these energy sources will require a variety of enabling techniques and technologies to reach their full potential and the potential role of several forms of enabling technologies, including energy storage.

Once you complete your course review, you need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of fifty (50) questions to earn 10 PDH credits.

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • The impact renewable energy sources have on the electricity grid
  • Methods of evaluating the relative cost and value of energy storage and generating technologies
  • Various technologies that may be used to store energy
  • Existing and emerging technologies that can be used to store energy

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