Welded Steel Water Tank Basics

Welded Steel Water Tank Basics

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Author: Fisher Tank Company – Federico Hernandez Villa, Ron Quail, Mike Sangern, Adam Fisher, Jim Viale

This one-hour live presentation provides professionals with a comprehensive understanding of welded steel water tanks, focusing on their importance, design, construction, and maintenance. Participants will explore the critical need for municipal water storage and evaluate various types of ground storage tanks, including welded steel, concrete, and bolted steel options. 

The course delves into the unique features of welded steel tanks, detailing their customization capabilities and construction process. Attendees will learn about the factors that influence the cost and design of welded steel tanks, enabling them to make informed decisions for their projects.

Additionally, this course covers essential maintenance practices and lifespan improvement techniques for welded steel tanks, highlighting the importance of coatings and cathodic protection. Participants will gain insight into industry standards and regulations, particularly those set by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). 

Real-world case studies will be analyzed to demonstrate practical applications and benefits, providing engineers with valuable knowledge to enhance their professional practice. This course offers one hour of continuing education credit, helping engineers meet their professional development requirements while expanding their expertise in water storage solutions.

Learning Objectives

This in-person course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the Need for Municipal Water Storage
  • Identify Types of Ground Storage Tanks
  • Describe the Features of Welded Steel Tanks
  • Explain the Construction Process of Welded Steel Tanks
  • Compare Costs and Maintenance of Different Tank Types
  • Understand Key Factors in Welded Steel Tank Design
  • Review Maintenance Practices and Lifespan Improvement Techniques
  • Understand Standards and Regulations for Welded Steel Tanks
  • Analyze Practical Applications through Case Studies

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