Affiliate Program

PDH-Pro Affiliate Program

Welcome to the PDH-Pro Affiliate Program, an exceptional opportunity for blog owners, engineering firms, and website operators to partner with a leader in continuing education for engineers. Our program is designed to provide a lucrative and straightforward way for you to enhance your website’s value while earning significant revenue.

Why Join the PDH-Pro Affiliate Program?

  1. Attractive Commission Structure: As a PDH-Pro affiliate, you’ll earn a remarkable 30% commission on all referrals. This rate is one of the most competitive in the continuing education sector, offering you a substantial earning potential for every successful referral to our courses.
  2. Partner with a Trusted Name: PDH-Pro is renowned for providing high-quality, accredited continuing education courses for engineers. By associating with our brand, you not only enhance your site’s credibility but also offer your audience access to valuable professional development resources.
  3. World-Class Affiliate Support: Our partnership with Share-A-Sale, a globally recognized affiliate marketing agency, ensures a seamless and efficient affiliate experience. You’ll benefit from their robust platform, offering easy tracking, real-time reporting, and reliable payment processing.
  4. Diverse Range of Promotional Materials: We provide a wide array of marketing tools, including banners, text links, and promotional content, to help you effectively engage your audience and maximize conversions.
  5. Appeal to a Wide Audience: Our courses cater to a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, making them relevant to a diverse audience. This diversity increases the likelihood of referrals from your site, enhancing your earning potential.
  6. Continuous Support and Communication: Our dedicated affiliate team is committed to your success. We offer ongoing support, updates on new courses and promotions, and tips to optimize your affiliate efforts.
  7. Easy and Free to Join: Joining the PDH-Pro Affiliate Program is straightforward and free. There are no hidden fees or obligations, allowing you to start earning commissions with minimal effort.

How to Get Started

  • Sign Up: Register for the PDH-Pro Affiliate Program through the Share-A-Sale platform.
  • Promote: Access our range of promotional materials and start integrating them into your website or blog.
  • Earn: Receive a 30% commission for every customer who enrolls in our courses through your referral links.

Your Role in Advancing Professional Education

As a PDH-Pro affiliate, you play a crucial role in promoting professional growth and development. Your referrals enable engineers to access the education they need to maintain their licenses and stay at the forefront of their field. This partnership is not just profitable; it’s also a way to contribute positively to the engineering community.

Join us today and turn your website traffic into a rewarding opportunity while contributing to the professional development of engineers worldwide. With PDH-Pro, you’re not just earning commissions; you’re also becoming a vital part of a community dedicated to lifelong learning and excellence in engineering.