Corporate PDH Plans for Engineering Firms

Empowering Your Team with Professional Development

In today’s fast-paced engineering landscape, staying at the forefront of knowledge and skills is crucial. PDH Pro is dedicated to empowering engineering teams with high-quality, accessible, and relevant continuing education.

Our corporate PDH plans are tailored to fit the unique needs of engineering firms, ensuring your team remains updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Why Choose Our PDH Plans?

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our plans are customizable to match the specific requirements of your firm, whether small or large.
  • Comprehensive Course Library: Gain access to a wide array of courses covering diverse engineering disciplines, ensuring your team has the resources to grow in every aspect of their field.
  • Approved in Every State: Our courses are accepted in every state – we guarantee it.
  • Cost-Effective Learning: Benefit from our competitive pricing structures, including volume discounts and flexible payment options, making professional development both affordable and scalable.

Partner with us to invest in your team’s growth and maintain your edge in the competitive world of engineering.

Structured Pricing and Plans

Flexible and Transparent Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

At PDH Pro, we believe in offering transparent and flexible pricing options to accommodate the diverse needs of engineering firms of all sizes. Our structured plans are designed to provide maximum value and convenience.

  1. Volume Pricing:
  • Bulk Purchase Benefits: Enjoy significant discounts when you purchase PDH credits in bulk. Ideal for larger firms with extensive training needs.
  • Customizable Packages: Choose the number of credits that suit your firm’s requirements – with scalability as your team grows.
  1. Pay-As-You-Go Option:
  • No Upfront Costs: Ideal for firms preferring a flexible approach, pay only for the credits used at the end of each month.
  • Ease of Management: Set up a purchase order with us and we’ll handle the tracking and invoicing of credits used.
  1. Corporate PDH Discounts:
  • Discounted Rates for All: Whether purchasing as a group or individually, benefit from our corporate discount plans.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Choose to pay via company credit card or purchase order, with additional volume discounts available.

Custom Plans for Every Size:

  • Small Business Plan: Perfect for smaller teams, offering full access to our PDH course library with no setup fees.
  • Plans for Large and Mid-Size Firms: Access a customizable Learning Management System (LMS) tailored to your firm’s branding and specific content needs.

Empower your engineers with the education they need for license renewal and career advancement. Contact us to find the plan that works best for your organization.

Comprehensive Services and Support

Maximizing Value and Impact of Your PDH Investment

Choosing PDH Pro for your corporate PDH needs goes beyond just accessing a vast library of courses. Our comprehensive services are designed to provide a seamless, enriching experience for both the organization and its engineers.

  1. Diverse Course Library:
  • Wide Range of Topics: Access an extensive selection of courses across various engineering disciplines, ensuring relevance and applicability to your team’s needs.
  • Regularly Updated Content: Stay ahead with courses that are continually updated to reflect the latest industry standards and innovations.
  1. Customizable Learning Management System (LMS):
  • Branded Experience: For larger firms, we offer a fully customizable and branded LMS, making learning an integral part of your corporate environment.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate the LMS with your company’s intranet for easy access and a unified user experience.
  1. Interactive Learning Formats:
  • Webinars and Online Courses: Engage your team with interactive webinars and convenient online courses, catering to different learning preferences.
  • Lunchtime Learning Sessions: Utilize our engaging webinar series to bring valuable learning opportunities right into your conference rooms.
  1. Continuous Compliance Monitoring:
  • State Board Compliance: Rest assured, all courses and content are regularly reviewed for compliance with state engineering board requirements.
  • Hassle-Free Certification: We handle the certification process, ensuring that your team’s PDH credits are valid and recognized.
  1. Dedicated Support and Custom Solutions:
  • Personalized Assistance: Receive dedicated support from our team, ready to assist with any queries or custom requirements.
  • Custom Content Development: Have unique training needs? We can develop custom courses and content tailored to your specific requirements.

Partner with PDH Pro and empower your team with a PDH program that is not just about earning credits, but about meaningful professional development and staying at the cutting edge of engineering expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get the Answers You Need for Your PDH Planning

1. What types of courses are included in the PDH course library?

Our library includes a wide array of courses covering various engineering disciplines, from civil and mechanical to electrical and environmental engineering, all updated regularly to reflect the latest industry standards.

2. Can the Learning Management System (LMS) be customized to match our company’s branding?

Absolutely! For larger firms, we offer a fully customizable LMS that can be tailored to your company’s branding, including logo, color scheme, and overall design.

3. How are the PDH credits tracked and reported?

We provide monthly reporting of courses completed by your employees. The LMS also includes a robust Admin Dashboard for real-time tracking and management.

4. Are there any setup fees for the Small Business Plan?

No, there are no setup fees for our Small Business Plan. It’s designed to be affordable and accessible, offering full access to our PDH course library.

5. Can we develop custom content specific to our firm’s needs?

Yes, we offer custom content development services. Our team can work with you to create tailored courses and content that meet your specific training requirements.

6. How do we ensure the courses comply with our state’s PDH requirements?

Our courses are designed to comply with PDH requirements across various states. We continually monitor and update our content to ensure compliance with state engineering board regulations.

7. What support is available for firms enrolled in the PDH plans?

Firms enrolled in our PDH plans receive dedicated support from our team, including assistance with plan setup, course selection, and any technical or compliance queries.

Have more questions? Contact our customer service team for further assistance and detailed information about our corporate PDH plans.

Get Started with Our Corporate PDH Plans

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PDH Pro is here to make it happen. Our corporate PDH plans are tailored to fit your firm’s unique needs, offering a seamless and impactful learning experience for your engineers.

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  • Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated team for a personalized consultation. We’ll help you assess your needs and choose the right plan for your firm.
  • Customize Your Plan: Whether it’s selecting courses from our extensive library or setting up a branded LMS, we ensure your plan aligns perfectly with your objectives.
  • Launch and Learn: Implement the PDH plan in your firm and witness the transformation in your team’s knowledge, skills, and compliance.

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