Course NumberPM-05-101
PDH Hours5
Advanced Project Management Techniques - I

Advanced Project Management Techniques – I

Author: Dominic Perrotta

This course in project management is intended to improve the prospects for existing project managers and would-be project managers to manage a successful project. The simple definition of “successful” has rarely been defined in specific terms of a given project, but a general definition usually encompasses “being on time and being under budget”. Nevertheless, while this definition may be too narrow to satisfy many PM’s and executives, the project is not “successful” unless you combine these two finite factors with a more than satisfactory end result.

This course is the first of two separate parts, each of which is intended to improve the capabilities of a Project Manager or a potential Project Manager. This course describes the steps necessary to become a top quality PM, and focuses on the background and education necessary to be considered for a project management role. Once an individual has been considered for this very important position, a PM should take advantage of training and experience opportunities that become available and should also maintain a conscientious effort toward self-improvement. Other items in this first part concentrate on developing characteristics of leadership as well as motivational skills that will improve the PM’s efforts to ensure that your project team will work closely with you so that the project’s goals will be met.

Once you complete your course review, you need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of thirty-two (32) questions to earn 5 PDH credits

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Describe the core principles necessary to be a top-quality Project Manager.
  • Coordinate project efforts with Engineering, Purchasing and Executive Management.
  • Professionally deal with suppliers and contractors.
  • Scope, schedule and budget a project appropriately.
  • Respond to problems and complications with confidence.
  • Report progress in measurable outcomes.
  • Spot opportunities to gain valuable experience for future projects and future promotions.

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