Course NumberCE-02-413
PDH Hours12
Bridge Design - Seismic Design of Concrete Bridges

Bridge Design – Seismic Design of Concrete Bridges

This course provides guidance on the seismic design of Ordinary Standard Concrete Bridges. It describes general seismic design considerations including pertinent formulae, interpretation of Caltrans SDC provisions, and a procedural flowchart for seismic design of concrete bridges. This course works through a seismic design example of a three-span continuous cast-in-place, prestressed (CIP/PS) concrete box girder bridge to illustrate various design applications following the seismic design procedure flowchart.

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Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Preliminary Member and Reinforcement Sizes
  • Minimum Local Displacement Ductility Capacity
  • Displacement Ductility Demand Requirements
  • Displacement Capacity Evaluation
  • Bent Cap Flexural and Shear Capacity

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