Course NumberCE-02-411
PDH Hours3
Bridge Design - Shallow Foundations

Bridge Design - Shallow FoundationsBridge Design – Shallow Foundations

Shallow foundations, also known as(spread footings, are advantageous to pile foundations considering lower cost, easier construction, and fewer environmental constraints. However, weak soil and seismic considerations may limit use of spread footings and impact the foundation type selection.In general, size of the spread footing is determined based on bearing resistance of the supporting soil or rock and also permissible level of settlement.

This course reviews the design of shallow bridge foundation. It presents key concepts such as factored resistance for the supporting soil and rock, permissible net contact stress, factored gross nominal bearing resistance. It provides general guidance on the design process and also the minimum level of required communications between the SD and the GD.

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Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Common types of spread footings
  • Proportioning and embedment of footings
  • Design loads
  • Bearing stress distribution
  • General design requirements

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