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Recorded Webinar – Community Solar Development

Community Solar Development – Timed & Monitored Recorded Webinar

Author: John Cromer

This timed and monitored recorded webinar reviews the motivations behind community solar participation in a variety of markets using case studies from across the United States to show various ways utilities (and some private companies) implement community solar projects. The fundamentals of solar financing are put to the test, in order to provide project planners with the tools they need to implement (or better understand) their own community solar program. A broader discussion of green energy transactions is included. If you ever wanted to better understand your utility green energy program, this is the class for you!

Community solar has the potential to bring long-term financing to large solar projects, resulting in lower electric bills for participants and increased profitability for developers. So how would one create a community solar project?

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Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Identify what a Renewable Energy Credit is and how it is used by mandatory and voluntary markets.
  • Learn about previous utility green energy products prior to community solar.
  • Review various community solar case studies, including project terms and conditions.
  • Learn about participant motivation in community solar programs and voluntary green energy purchases.
  • Evaluate the financial terms of community solar programs to determine if participants will achieve a real cost benefit.
  • Determine the differences between capital and operating leasing within the context of a solar lease.
  • Understand utility motivations for community solar development.
  • Learn why commercial solar batteries make particularly ideal candidates for privately-developed community solar.

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