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Introduction to Combustion and Combustion Control

Webinar: Introduction to Combustion and Combustion Control

Scheduled: Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 2:00pm – 4:00 pm

Webinar calendar pdhAuthor: Lawrence Doucet

This Live Webinar course provides a clear, practical, easy-to-follow understanding of combustion reactions and how they can be readily applied to selecting, designing, and efficiently operating combustion systems and equipment ranging from boilers and industrial furnaces through incinerators and diesel engines. It incorporates numerous graphics, photographs, charts, and diagrams to illustrate and facilitate the understanding of the different course topics.  It further provides an understanding of a number of combustion-related topics and terms such as pyrolysis, spontaneous combustion, combustible dust explosions, autoignition, and autogenous combustion.

Combustion and combustion control are interrelated topics that tend to be highly technical and generally difficult to understand and apply to real-world applications.  This course is designed to provide a clear, practical, understanding of combustion, combustion processes, combustion control methods, and combustion monitoring as applicable to burning virtually any type of combustible using just about any type of combustion system and equipment.

Learning Objectives

This Live Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Understand characteristics and properties of fuels and combustibles with respect to their impacts on combustion processes
  • Understand how to analyze combustion reactions and how such analysis is applied to the selection, design, and operations of combustion systems and equipment
  • Understand the principles and various methods of combustion control for attaining maximum combustion efficiencies
  • Understand the principles and various methods for monitoring combustion processes and how such monitoring is used to control combustion reactions and efficiencies
  • Understand of an array combustion-related topics and terms such as spontaneous combustion, dust explosions, autoignition, autogenous combustion, and others

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