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Introduction to Oil Well Perforating Operations

Webinar: Introduction to Oil Well Perforating Operations

Webinar calendar pdhAuthor: Ed Chesny

This Live Webinar course introduces Oil Well Perforating Operations.

Oil well pump jacks are a common part of the driving landscape in oil producing regions of this country. The pumping units are typically on a pad in a small section of the field or pasture, but have you ever wondered about what is going on underground that can make them valuable assets? Or how an industry worker would know if the well is functioning properly so that the most oil and gas product can be extracted from this well in the ground for refinement and use?

To obtain optimum productivity each well must be prepared or completed in a way most beneficial to the subsurface reservoir and the most products moved to the surface where they can be safely collected, contained, and processed for sale. Perforating is an integral part of the process of preparing each well for production known as an oil well completions operation.

This webinar introduces the products and services provided by “perforating contractors” to oil producing companies in their effort to optimize hydrocarbon productivity and maximize rate of return on each investment. It covers:

  • The explosive nature of the perforating process.
  • The highly regulated nature of this mobile oil and gas service industry.
  • Multiple and range of explosive charges used during the perforating job.
  • The physical and logistic challenges encountered during perforating process.
  • The manufacturing operations needed for manufacturing perforating charges, carriers, and supporting equipment.
  • Provide a historical perspective on the evolution of the perforating industry.
  • The design elements used to prepare charges for optimal performance.
  • Explain the design differences between the major types of perforating guns and how perforating components can be changed to best fit the reservoir conditions and achieve the desired results.
  • Cover the practical well design considerations used to choose the perforating equipment used for zone completion.
  • The various parts and specialty tools assembled for downhole use to enhance fluid flow from that reservoir.
  • How each charge design is tested to quantify or rank the effectiveness of each perforating charge in the marketplace.
  • The safety issues facing all wellsite personnel when perforating operations are underway.

Learning Objectives

This Live Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • What is involved in an oil well perforating operation.
  • The plans & preparation required before start of the operation.
  • What parameters are used to design a perforating job to optimize performance.
  • The equipment, steps, & services needed to perforate an oil well.
  • Understand the risks associated with perforating, and all the necessary safety procedures that must be practiced.
  • Understand the final product of the process is to prepare the well for stimulation or production of crude oil & natural gas.

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