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Introduction to Oil Well Sucker Rods

Webinar: Introduction to Oil Well Sucker Rods

Webinar calendar pdhAuthor: Ed Chesny

This Live Webinar course introduces the basics in sucker rod oilwell applications, construction, and manufacturing. These tools are used to lift crude oil and its byproducts from the subsurface reservoir and moving them to surface facilities for sale and use. This webinar discusses the various forms of this downhole equipment, the many materials of which they are made, and the rigorous standards to which they are constructed for use in both reciprocating beam unit pumped wells and rotationally driven progressive cavity pumped wells.

Other key topics covered in this coursework include:

  1. Recognize sucker rod equipment and understand how the various forms function to achieve production and sales of hydrocarbon products.
  2. Describe how and why sucker rods for reciprocating pump system differ in design and structure from those used in rotating progressive cavity pump systems.
  3. Describe the conditions under which certain types of sucker rod materials best function, and how the downhole reservoir conditions dictate which specific equipment should be used to optimize performance.
  4. Describe the conditions and mechanisms under which sucker rods can fail and need to be recovered or fished out of the hole to re-establish productivity and cash flow.

Learning Objectives

This Live Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learn how sucker rods function to lift crude oil and its associated products to the surface from a downhole reservoir.
  • Provide historical background on the creation and design of sucker rods, how their construction has evolved over time, and how manufacturers of this equipment are continually working to improve them.
  • Learn the various parts of each sucker rod and how they are modified to enhance performance of the downhole tools under variable conditions.
  • Learn about the different types of sucker rods and their specific applications.
  • Learn the various materials used in constructing sucker rods and the associated parts which facilitate their proper application.
  • Learn what niche sucker rod tools are used to perform specific operations to enhance the pumping process in very challenging environments.
  • Learn how sucker rods are constructed to meet specific standards for useful performance within a range of downhole conditions.
  • Cover the numerous steps utilized to manufacture sucker rods and prepare them for use in the field.
  • Learn the tools and procedures employed to properly install sucker rods in producing oil wells.

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