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Oil Well Dynamometer Testing

Webinar: Oil Well Dynamometer Testing

Webinar calendar pdhAuthor: Ed Chesny

Pumpjacks are a common part of the driving landscape in oil producing regions of this country, but have you ever wondered about what is going on underground? Or how an industry professional knows if the equipment downhole is working as it should or supposed to?

The tools connected to that pumpjack are going up and down, but is it functioning as expected? On the downhole end of the pumping string is a precision tool commonly known as a bottom hole pump.

This Live Webinar course introduces the basic tools used to conduct a dynamometer test. Which diagnoses how an oil well sucker rod pump is functioning in place, evaluating it for performance without the cost of pulling it out of the hole.

The diagnostic tools conduct what is known as oil well dynamometer testing, which can be used to evaluate system performance while in action. The tools of diagnosis can be quite valuable for they can be used to modify or adjust how a well is being pumped to increase productivity, avoid equipment damage, minimize production downtime, eliminate the need for repair work, and/or extend pump life.

The transducers and cells used to perform measurements on a polish rod movement and the loads exerted on it during the pump cycle. These measurements are plotted to create charts which can be interpreted to determine the downhole pumps condition.

This webinar will place an emphasize on:

  • How the surface equipment is used to conduct both absolute and relative dynamometer tests.
  • How the test tools are used to both measure and record polish rod strain, load, and position during the pump cycle.
  • Surface measurement of load acceleration as described on a load vs. displacement card.
  • Downhole interpretation card development using the measured data.
  • Learning what the basic card shapes look like, the reason for it, and what this means to the well analyst.

Learning Objectives

This Live Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learn how dynamometer testing tools function to evaluate and optimize crude oil pumping equipment as it lifts products to surface from a subsurface reservoir.
  • Provide historical background on the creation of dynamometer testing equipment, how they have evolved over time and how the equipment manufacturers are continually working to improve them.
  • Learn how the dynamometer tests evaluate parts of the rod pumping system to measure & enhance performance of the process.
  • Learn how the dynamometer measurement process produces downhole pump cards which can be interpreted to establish the condition of the bottomhole pump.
  • Learn how the surface card measurements are recorded from the polish rod of a pumping unit.
  • Learn how the downhole pump card is calculated to interpret the movement of the pump plunger.
  • Learn that certain niche dynamometer tools are used to perform specific operations and enhance downhole pump evaluation in challenging hole environments.
  • Learn that dynamometer tools are constructed to meet specific standards and perform within a range of downhole conditions.
  • Learn that dynamometer surveys also measure a surface pumping unit system loading, horsepower, and balance.
  • Cover the steps used in the dynamometer testing processes and how they are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Learn how the dynamometer test tools are properly handled, stored, & transported to ensure proper results when in use.

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