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Pennsylvania Laws and Rules Governing Professional Engineer Seals

Pennsylvania Laws and Rules Governing Professional Engineer Seals

Professional engineers must know the sealing and certifying requirements established by state law. The requirements associated with sealing and certifying technical documents can be deceptively complex.

Some work products may require qualifying statements to comply. A specific seal form acceptable to one regulated profession might be unlawful to another. Professional practice overlap can produce uncertainty with regards to who should certify the work. These examples are just a few of the many sealing and certifying circumstances that Pennsylvania licensed professional must understand and comply with.  This course assembles the various rules and regulations related to this subject.

The course material is limited to Pennsylvania laws and practices.  However, there is remarkable similarity in the laws among the various States.  This is because most states closely adhere to model laws and model rules adopted by the national affiliations such as NCEES.  Therefore, professional engineers licensed in other States may find this course content informative and useful.

This course presents the following useful information to help you to determine if it is suitable for your continuing education needs. Please review this carefully to ensure you receive useful and beneficial information.

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • The sealing and certification process is strictly controlled while also subject to change
  • Overlap and common practice activities among the professions exists and must be appropriately conducted
  • There are incorrect methods for sealing, signing, and dating technical documents
  • Qualified and special certifications are sometimes required
  • Certain types of projects are exempt from the sealing regulations
  • Exemptions are subject to revision and can be superseded by other authority

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