Course NumberCH-02-623
PDH Hours2
Horizontal Directional Drilling

Recorded Webinar: Horizontal Directional Drilling

Author: Ed Chesny

This On-Demand webinar provides an overview of the fundamentals of horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) holes for utility infrastructure under roads, lawns, buildings, creeks, and other geographic obstacles. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

This course explores how horizontal directional drilling differs in scale and equipment from the micro-tunneling technique used for larger diameter utility holes. The basic tools, equipment, and procedures used for these operations are pictured, broken down in some detail, and discussed. The surface and downhole equipment as well as materials associated with this process are displayed under the rigorous conditions in which they are utilized every day.

Other key topics covered in this coursework include:

  1. Choices made by contractors in preparation for HDD hole drilling based on objectives, geographic, and geological obstacles.
  2. Functions and purposes for the different types of equipment modified for use in HDD drilling operation.
  3. Infrastructure developed, expanded, and can be developed in the future with the application of modern HDD techniques.

Learning Objectives

This Recorded Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Requisite equipment needed. Including the choices in tools and drill bits made in preparation to drill a specific horizontal (HDD) hole under existing conditions.
  • Types & functions of different machinery, bits, cutters, reamers, jacking tools, trackers, bursting, and pulling equipment used for making a useful HDD hole.
  • Learn the types & functions of associated HDD drilling equipment.
  • Learn the steps in the horizontal hole directional drilling (HDD) planning process.
  • Learn how to drill a horizontal directional hole rapidly, cost effectively, & under control.
  • Provide historical background on drill tools, & their evolution for HDD operations.
  • Learn how HDD equipment is designed & modified for specific downhole drilling conditions.

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