Course NumberCH-02-603
PDH Hours2
Introduction to Oil Well Drilling Operations

Recorded Webinar: Introduction to Oil Well Drilling Operations

Author: Ed Chesny

This On-Demand webinar introduces the basic parameters used in choosing the equipment and services needed to drill an oil well. It reviews drilling equipment, describes its function, and how it is used in the drilling operation.

Other key topics covered in this coursework include:

  1. Learn the major systems utilized for hoisting, rotational drive, and mud circulation by the drilling rig as well as the support equipment.
  2. Learn about the support systems and critical services such as water and communication needed to be contracted or rented for the operation.
  3. Identification and description of the downhole tools used to drill a well along with some history of how these tools evolved over time.
  4. Description of how directional drilling, steering, and evaluation tools have redefined today’s drilling industry into a horizontal well focused business.
  5. Description of how drilling mud is used to control pressure while drilling and prevent blowout conditions.
  6. Description of what open hole logging tools do and how drill stem testing and coring help management make decisions about the reservoir, running casing to complete, or plug & abandoned a well.
  7. Description of how the well is cemented to protect production casing in a successful project or plug & abandoned an unsuccessful one.
  8. Explaining how cemented casing protects ground water and stabilizes the hole for long term use.
  9. Description of how the final drilling product is a hole prepared for completion and the extraction of producible hydrocarbons. Even though it is not yet a producible well.
  10. Description of how standardized safety practices keep drilling personnel and the workplace safe and uneventful.

Learning Objectives

This Recorded Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Requirements and preparations made prior to drilling a well
  • Steps and services needed to drill an oil well
  • Basic equipment needed to drill an oil well from
    • Drilling Contractor
    • Other Well Service Contractors
  • Understand key jobs and services provided during the drilling process as it progresses:
    • Mud control, cleaning, and pressure control
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Casing and cementing
  • Understand roles in the drilling process of the:
    • Operating Company
    • Drilling Contractors
    • Numerous Independent Well Service Contractors
  • Understand the final product of the drilling process is not a producing oil well. But rather:
    • A cased hole ready to be completed or
    • The hole plug & abandoned with cement

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