Course NumberCH-02-622
PDH Hours2
Natural Gas Infrastructure

Recorded Webinar: Natural Gas Infrastructure

Author: Ed Chesny

This On-Demand webinar course provides an overview of the fundamental natural gas production, processing, pipelining, transportation, and distribution necessary to meet the challenges of a growing world economy. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

Natural gas is a quality commodity abundant in supply at a reasonable price. The complex separation, extraction, and processing tools and equipment needed to accomplish these goals is displayed and discussed. Massive natural gas trading and distribution infrastructure is required to bring clean, distinct, usable, processed chemically derived products quickly to the marketplace. It will also discuss how in its supercooled liquified (LNG) state natural gas is transported and distributed around the globe.

Learning Objectives

This Recorded Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Requisite choices made for how to handle natural gas in preparation to drill, collect, process, transport, and distribute these well fluid products.
  • Learn the sources and functions of a variety of natural gas chemical products.
  • See how a tremendous equipment and processing infrastructure has developed to move and distribute natural gas domestically and worldwide.
  • Learn the constituent & marketable portions of a natural gas stream.
  • Learn the steps needed to drill, produce, transport, & distribute natural gas in a cost effective & controlled manner.
  • Learn the basic equipment used to support and sustain the natural gas marketplace.
  • Provide historical background on natural gas production, use, & how they have changed and evolved to this point.
  • How natural gas is and should be used strategically in an environmentally safe manner.

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