Course NumberCH-02-624
PDH Hours2
Pipeline Chemical Maintenance

Recorded Webinar: Pipeline Chemical Maintenance

Author: Ed Chesny

This On-Demand webinar course provides an overview of the basic chemical products used to counter the challenges of process vessel integrity and robust pipeline transportation of crude and manufactured products. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

Equipment flow insurance, asset integrity, and sound material protection are essential to promote needed product growth for industrial, construction, and manufacturing applications. This webcast will picture, exhibit, and discuss the numerous types and forms of treatments used to accomplish the goals of flow assurance, vessel maintenance, and asset integrity from the naturally available subsurface products to clean specific deliverables used for commercial application.

Other key topics covered in this coursework include:

  1. Learn the two fundamental problems when shipping and handling chemical hydrocarbon products.
    • Flow Assurance
    • Asset Integrity Maintenance
  2. Address each of the numerous major chemical treatment challenges faced when moving and processing chemicals and hydrocarbons.
  3. Learn the process of problem analysis used to evaluate and compile treatment plans for each of the challenges.
  4. Identify the specific chemicals and methods used to treat each of the problematic conditions. Normally a mix of numerous potential problems.
  5. Identify the chemicals and chemical types used to:
    • Assure flow through piping and vessels.
    • Maintain asset Integrity.
  6. when facing chemical, hydrocarbon transportation, and processing challenges.
  7. Recognize that most of the problems and solutions to handling, transportation, and processing are multiple, overlapping, and complex.

Learning Objectives

This Recorded Webinar course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learn about the process of field data collection, distribution, & use surrounding analysis of chemical problems in industry.
  • Learn about the problems & challenges faced by engineers to assure continuous un-interrupted flow through production, processing, and distribution facilities.
  • Learn the chemicals utilized for flow assurance through production and processing networks.
  • Learn the chemicals used to counter the problems & challenges relating to asset integrity & protection of chemical processing as well as hydrocarbon facilities.
  • Understand the safety challenges facing front line production, processing, chemical, and pipeline workers in the associated industries.

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