Civil Engineering

Foundations in Expansive Soils

Course number CE-02-201
PDH credits 6
Foundations in Expansive Soils This course presents guidance and information for conducting a geotechnical investigation suitable for the selection and design of...
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Soil Mechanics: Stress Distribution

Course number CE-02-116
PDH credits 4
Soil Mechanics: Stress Distribution This course covers the application of engineering principles by experienced engineers of soil mechanics in the design of...
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Roller-Compacted Concrete

Course number CE-02-115
PDH credits 4
Roller-Compacted Concrete This course provides information and guidance on the use of roller compacted concrete (RCC) in dams and other civil works...
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Admixtures for Concrete

Course number CE-02-113
PDH credits 2
Admixtures for Concrete Admixtures are ingredients other than water, aggregate and Portland cement that are added to a concrete mixture immediately prior...
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Geometric Design of Roundabouts

Course number CE-02-112
PDH credits 5
Geometric Design of Roundabouts This course presents a summary of the geometric design process for modern roundabouts. Roundabouts are a common form...
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Design of Flexible Pavements

Course number CE-02-110
PDH credits 14
Design of Flexible Pavements This course presents the design of flexible pavements by means of mechanistic empirical methods that are based on...
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Sustainable Concrete Pavements

Course number CE-02-109
PDH credits 11
Sustainable Concrete Pavements This course includes best practices related to concrete pavement design, materials, construction, use/operations, renewal, and recycling. It presents issues...
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Deterioration of Concrete

Course number CE-02-103
PDH credits 2
Deterioration of Concrete A basic understanding of the underlying causes of concrete deficiencies is essential to evaluating concrete structures and selecting the...
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Skid-resistant Airport Pavement Surfaces

Course number CE-02-104
PDH credits 2
Skid-resistant Airport Pavement Surfaces With the introduction of turbojet aircraft, braking performance on pavement surfaces has become more critical. Under certain conditions,...
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Operational Safety During Airport Construction

Course number CE-02-105
PDH credits 3
Operational Safety During Airport Construction Airport operators are responsible for closely monitoring tenant and contractor activity during construction activities to ensure compliance...
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Conduits, Culverts, and Pipes Part I

Course number CE-02-101
PDH credits 4
Conduits, Culverts, and Pipes Part I This course provides guidance on the design and construction of conduits, culverts, and pipes, and presents...
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