COVID-19 State Engineering Board Actions

COVID-19 State PDH UpdatesCOVID-19 State Engineering Board Updates

In the recent months, several state engineering boards have updated their continuing education requirements due to COVID-19. Below is updated information for the states that have published new regulations and rules related to license renewal.

Notice: Please be aware that state engineering boards are constantly adjusting their policies in response to the pandemic. Despite our efforts, the information presented here may not reflect the most recent guidance and may be out of date or incorrect. It is your responsibility to check with your state board to ensure you are acting on the most current and accurate information and requirements. We are providing this information solely to raise awareness about COVID-19’s impact on the profession.

The information presented below is taken directly from the applicable state website.

Delaware Engineering License Updates

DAPE’s CPC Guidelines stipulate that licensees experiencing physical disability, illness, or other extenuating circumstances may apply for an exemption or an extension of time to obtain the credits, subject to the review and approval of the Council. Supporting documentation must be furnished to the Council. You may request a 60-day extension to meet CPC requirements if COVID-19 restrictions have impacted planned training. Licensees must request this extension by emailing office@dape.org, and still need to renew online by June 30, 2020 to remain on our active roster (you will be able to indicate that you have received an extension during the renewal process). Anyone that requests this extension will be required to send a PDH log form and supporting documentation to demonstrate that you have met your CPC requirements by August 31, 2020.

Washington DC Engineering License Updates

Continuing Education Requirements Waived for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyor Licensees for the Renewing Cycle ending on August 31, 2020
Given the unprecedented nature of the current public health emergency, the continuing education requirements have been waived for all professional engineer and professional land surveyor licensees for the renewal cycle ending on August 31, 2020. The Board of Professional Engineers recognizes the challenges of meeting these requirements during this time. Licensees are still required to renew their licensees at the renewal time, and will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. For the latest information on the District Government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please visit coronavirus.dc.gov.

Idaho Engineering License Updates

Continuing education requirements are being waived in response to the Covid-19 pandemic by order of the Governor. All responses to the audit will be treated as voluntary submittals until the statewide emergency declaration is lifted.

Iowa Engineering License Updates

For all licenses expiring on December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2021, all required hours may be independent study. For individuals who have a single license as an engineer or land surveyor, the number of required professional development hours set to 15 hours. For individual who are licensed as both an engineer and land surveyor, the number of required professional development hours is set to 10 hours in engineering and 10 hours in land surveying, for a total of 20 hours. The maximum number of carryover hours is unchanged and remains at 15 hours for all renewals. The minimum number of required ethics hours is unchanged for all renewals, 2 hours for single licensees and 4 hours for dual licensees. For first time renewals of an initial (not by comity) license, the required number of professional development hours is set to 7.5 hours. Details

Kansas Engineering License Updates

The Governor has issued an Executive Order requiring all State licensing authorities to extend the renewal deadline for licenses that expire during the State of Emergency Disaster Declaration, if the licenses were in good standing on March 12, 2020. The extension lasts until 90 days after the State of Disaster Emergency ends. Licenses that were current and valid on March 12, 2020 will remain valid until the extension expires. The Executive Order also requires licensing authorities to extend the deadlines for continuing education requirements until 90 days after the end of the State of Disaster Emergency. Details Also, per the Governor’s Executive Order, the State Board of Technical Professions will not apply any late, delinquent, penalty, or expiration fees to renewals that meet the requirements above. Fees and penalties will be applied for licenses covered by the Order that are not renewed within the extension period, for licenses that expire after the State of Emergency Disaster ends and are not renewed within the standard deadlines, and for licenses that expired before March 12, 2020 and were not renewed within the standard deadlines.

Maryland Engineering License Updates

License expiration extended to the 30th day after the termination of the health emergency.

Montana Engineering License Updates

(1) The deadline for completing the required continuing education has been extended 90 days from the license renewal date. The new deadline to complete continuing education is Oct. 29th, 2020. (2) The Board has delegated the discretion to grant hardship waivers to individual licensees. To see if you qualify for a hardship, see review Admin. R. Mont. 24.183.2105(7). Requests for hardship waivers should be submitted to dlibsdpels@mt.gov and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Nonroutine requests will still require consideration by the Board.

Nebraska Engineering License Updates

Regarding Rule 9.2.1 and 9.2.2, the required number of actual CE hours is 20 (in lieu of 30) for professional engineers. Regarding Rule 9.3.1 (5), the limit on restricted online, non-live CE activities is raised to no more than one-half (in lieu of one-fourth). Regarding Rule 9.3.2, the minimum number of required ethics hours is unchanged at 1 hour. Regarding Rule 9.3.5, self-guided activities may constitute no more than six hours for professional engineers.
Regarding Rule 9.4.3, the maximum number of carryover hours is unchanged and remains at half the biennial requirement (15 for professional engineers and 12 for architects).

Nevada Engineering License Updates

All licenses and permits issued by the State of Nevada, Boards, Commissions, Agencies, or political subdivisions of the State of Nevada that expire or are set to expire during the period the Declaration of Emergency dated March 12, 2020 is in effect shall be extended for a period of 90 days from the current expiration date, or 90 days from the date the state of emergency declared on March 12, 2020 is terminated, whichever is later, if reduced government operations due to the state of emergency makes timely renewal of the license or permit impracticable or impossible.

New Jersey Engineering License Updates

2020 License Renewals and CEU’s Have Been Extended Until June 30, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, Renewal applications and CEU’s have been extended until June 30, 2020. Renewals were mailed to your address of record in February, 2020 and are not available online. Licenses will remain active beginning April 1, 2020 for a two year period.

New York Engineering License Updates

Some regulations restrict licensees to a certain percentage of self-study for continuing education requirements. In response to the evolving situation with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and for those licensees whose registrations are due to renew March 1 – September 1, 2020, the Department will grant an adjustment to all licensees to complete up to 100% of the continuing education as self-study, so long as it is taken from a Department-approved provider and is in an acceptable subject area for the specific profession. SED is working closely with other New York State agencies and the Governor’s Office to tackle issues relating to COVID-19. Please continue to monitor the Department’s website for updated guidance.

North Carolina Engineering License Updates

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the lack of current in-person educational opportunities, we realize many licensees who may not have previously used online educational offerings may now be looking to take advantage of these online offerings to fulfill their continuing professional competency (CPC) requirements. Many professional associations and societies, private continuing education providers, universities and community colleges have long provided educational content online, which has been acceptable for CPC credit subject to the Board Rules. Below are some of the relevant Board Rules related to online educational content.

Board Rule 21 NCAC 56.1705(d) allows Credit for correspondence, televised, Internet, videotaped, audiotaped, and other courses or tutorials, provided an exam is required for completion, shall be based upon one PDH unit for each hour assigned to the course, provided such hours are a reasonably estimated time for an average professional to complete the course.

Further, Board Rule 21 NCAC 56.1706(2), requires the licensee to have attendance verification records in the form of completion certificates, or other documents supporting evidence of attendance, which can include a combination of registration confirmation, invoice, image capture of screen, or notes to show that the licensee “attended” the “presentation.” Ultimately, the licensee attests to the Board on the renewal form and the maintained CPC log that the reported hours were obtained. Per Board Rule 21 NCAC 56.1703(3) No exam is required for attendance at a webinar presentation if attendance is documented as addressed above.

Ohio Engineering License Updates

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency measures taken in Ohio, as part of House Bill 197, all expiration dates occurring during the emergency period are being extended until December 1, 2020 or 90 days after the date the emergency provisions have been lifted, whichever comes first. This change directly affects the company license and company renewals with an expiration of June 30, 2020. The renewal period for our company renewals will still open May 1, 2020 through the online system. As always, the board encourages any company or firm that is still able to do their normal renewal during the normal renewal period to renewal as early as possible but we do acknowledge we are in a very difficult time therefore the renewal period will remain open until December 1, 2020 or 90 days after the end of the emergency for regular renewal. If the date of expiration occurs before December 1, 2020, the Board will notify our companies and firms as soon as we can regarding the change. The board will still be emailing renewal notices on May 1, 2020 to reflect the above information. The company renewal will be available through the online portal as of May 1, 2020. More information regarding the company renewal, instructions for renewing in the portal, and any necessary renewal documents can be found under the FIRM|COA tab at the top of the Board’s website.

Oklahoma Engineering License Updates

Effective immediately through July 31, 2020: If you are experiencing a hardship regarding obtaining your continuing education hours which is directly or indirectly related to the COVID-19 state of emergency, you may go online to renew your license and claim the last selection on “Professional Development Hours” page which states, “I am applying for license renewal. I am EXEMPT as I am a licensee experiencing physical disability, illness or other extenuating circumstances as reviewed and approved by the Board”. By selecting this exemption you are required to submit documentation within 30 days of your license renewal describing the hardship situation. Examples could include the cancellation of scheduled classes, meetings, health concerns, work requirements etc.

Oregon Engineering License Updates

June 30 Renewal Cycle: At this time, registrants, who are due to renew this upcoming renewal cycle are expected to submit their applications for renewals and supporting documents in compliance with the June 30 renewal date. Due to the current environment, we ask registrants be patient in receiving follow-up communications and confirmation from the Board office in 1-3 days. We anticipate being able to process renewal applications in a timely manner and provide new registration information and pocket cards within 2 months of when a completed renewal application packet is received by the office. During the June 30 Renewal Cycle We understand due to COVID-19 some educational conferences or activities may be postponed past the June 30 deadline, or cancelled all-together, causing a hardship. At this time, the OSBEELS is still requiring registrants to provide proof of completion of 30 PDHs as part of their application for renewal. We’d like to remind registrants that there are other, acceptable options for earning your PDHs, such as qualifying web-based or videotaped courses. There are a number of other options identified in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 820-010-0635. If you have any questions whether an activity qualifies for continuing education, we encourage you to reach out to the Board at OSBEELS.info@oregon.gov.

South Carolina Engineering License Updates

The Board is aware that some conferences or other in-person professional development seminars have been cancelled to deter the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Please be aware that licensees are allowed to obtain all PDH requirements online for renewal. The Board is aware that many licensees prefer to receive their PDH requirements via conference or in-person instruction. However, as a result of the Governor’s declaration of a statewide health emergency, the Board agrees that the best practice for this renewal period ending on June 30, 2020, is to complete any PDH requirements online. In the event that you are unable to complete the PDHs online by June 30, 2020, you may file with the Board a request for extension or exemption pursuant to S.C. Reg. 49-606(C), which provides: “Licensees experiencing physical disability, illness or other extenuating circumstances as reviewed and approved by the Board may be exempt. Supporting documentation must be furnished with any such exemption request made to the Board.”

Tennessee Engineering License Updates

On March 19, 2020, Governor Lee signed Executive Order No. 15 (“the Order”). The Order provides the Commissioner of the Department the discretion to reasonably extend deadlines for obtaining required education and continuing education to boards, commissions, and agencies administratively attached, such as the Board. Therefore, effective immediately until May 18, 2020 or until further such notice, no license will be suspended for failure to complete continuing education requirements.

UPDATE: This Order shall remain in effect until 11:59 p.m., Central Daylight Time, on June 30, 2020, unless future circumstances warrant terminating some of the measures contained herein earlier, in which case this Order will be amended or otherwise revised accordingly.

Texas Engineering License Updates

“PE License renewals are due on the expiration date as are the associated continuing education requirements. However, we understand that the COVID-19 virus is very serious and has caused the cancelation or postponements of various continuing education courses, conferences, and other events. IF you are audited for this renewal period and IF you didn’t complete your hours due to a verifiable canceled or unavailable course or event based on COVID-19, let us know at the time of the audit. Please keep in mind that Board rules allow 5 hours of self-study per renewal cycle and that online courses may also be counted for continuing education purposes.”

Vermont Engineering License Updates

The Office will allow a continuing education renewal extension of up to 180 days and provide alternatives to face to face continuing educational opportunities impacted by COVID-19. Online courses and training will be allowed. If you are unable to complete your continuing education requirements due to any of the following circumstances:

  • The in-person conference, course, class, session has been cancelled due to COVID-19;
  • You feel your health may be at risk by attending an in-person conference, course, class, session due the spread of COVID-19; or
  • You feel your health may be at risk by the required travel to attend an in-person conference, course, class, session due to the spread of COVID-19

If you meet any of the above criteria, you must inform the Office via the process outlined below. The office will allow online courses to be taken in lieu of formal CE required by your profession’s administrative rules and allow a continuing education renewal extension of up to 180 days. The online course must provide a course completion certificate to upload to your online services account.

Process: All requests must be made prior to the license expiration date.

  1. Watch your email for a notification that your profession is in renewal and it is time to renew your professional license. Please remember to check your spam folder. You will receive this notification by email 6 weeks prior to your current expiration date.
  2. Sign into your online services account and complete your renewal application prior to the expiration date.
  3. When you get to the continuing education screen, select the option that states you have NOT met the CE requirement. Provide your explanation as to why you have not met the requirement. Once your renewal is submitted, you may upload any supporting information by using the “ update license/application” feature on your dashboard.
  4. All requests will automatically be extended for 90 days. If you would need 180, please include this in your explanation/request.
  5. You must have completed the CE requirement for your profession by the extended renewal date or your license will lapse.
  6. Once you have completed the CE requirement you must upload your course completion certificates to your online services account using the “ update license/application” feature on your dashboard.

If you have additional questions please email Renewal Clerk at sos.renewalclerk@vermont.gov. The Office will revoke this policy when the impact of COVID-19 has subsided.

Virginia Engineering License Updates

Pursuant to the authority granted to the agency head by Executive Order 51 (2020), …(we) hereby extend the validity of licenses, certifications, registrations, and other authorizations issued by regulatory boards under the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation that would otherwise (i) expire during the state of emergency and (ii) be eligible for renewal or reinstatement during the state of emergency under applicable regulations, until the 30th day after the date by which the state of emergency is lifted. This waiver does not waive statutory requirements or limitations, nor does it amend or permanently extend the previous expiration date of affected licenses, certifications, registrations, and other authorizations. This waiver shall take effect on March 18, 2020, and shall remain in full force and in effect until June 10, 2020, unless sooner amended or rescinded by further executive order.