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Offer PDH Credits for Your Brown Bag Presentations

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Do you offer technical brown bag presentations for your customers?

If so, our Lunch-and-Learn Program is a great opportunity for you to offer PDH credits to engineers and other professionals. By participating in our program, you can extend the value of your sessions, ensuring your presentations not only educate but also contribute to the professional development of your audience.

Learn About Our Lunch-and-Learn Program

Our Lunch-and-Learn program offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers, equipment representatives, and technical sales professionals to provide continuing education credit to engineers and other professionals who participate in their technical discussions.

  • You focus on delivering your specialized technical presentations to your customers.
  • We ensure the content is compliant with State Engineering Board and NCEES guidelines.

Our role is to streamline the process, handling all certification, reporting, and record-keeping, allowing you to focus on sharing your expertise and transforming it into a catalyst for professional growth and development.

  • Expert-Led Learning Opportunity: Host educational brown bag sessions for engineers and professionals, showcasing your technical expertise and industry knowledge.
  • Offer PDH Credits: Enhance the value of your presentations by offering Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits to professional engineers.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Partner with us to deliver your content, while we manage the accreditation process, ensuring compliance with State Engineering Board and NCEES guidelines.
  • Brand and Relationship Building: Strengthen your brand presence and build lasting relationships with engineering professionals by offering them more than just a presentation – a step towards their professional development.
  • Hassle-Free Process: Focus on what you do best – presenting. We handle the certification issuance, reporting, and record-keeping, making the process straightforward for you and your audience.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Our Lunch-and-Learn Program

Step 1: Express Your Interest

  • Reach Out to Us: Initiate the partnership by contacting us through our website, email, or phone. Let us know about your interest in offering PDH credits through your technical presentations.

Step 2: Presentation Submission and Review

  • Submit Your Material: Provide us with the details of your brown bag presentation. This includes topic outlines, speaker information, and any relevant educational material.
  • Compliance Review: Our team will evaluate your presentation to ensure it meets all State Engineering Board and NCEES guidelines for continuing education credits.

Step 3: Approval and Scheduling

  • Approval Notification: Once your presentation passes our review, we will inform you about the approval and discuss scheduling options for your session.
  • Event Planning Support: If needed, we can assist in planning and promoting your event to maximize attendance and impact.

Step 4: Host Your Session

  • Deliver Your Expertise: Conduct your brown bag presentation, sharing valuable insights and knowledge with your engineering audience.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Encourage questions and discussions during your session to foster a deeper understanding and engagement.

Step 5: Certification and Feedback

  • Certificate Issuance: After the session, direct attendees to our platform where they can easily register and receive their PDH certificates.
  • Feedback and Improvement: We value your feedback and any suggestions for improving future sessions, ensuring a mutually beneficial and evolving partnership.

Benefits of Our Lunch-and-Learn Program

Discover the multitude of advantages our Lunch-and-Learn program offers to your organization and the engineering community at large:

Elevate Your Brand Presence: By partnering with us, you position your company as a leader in technical education within the engineering community. Your presentations showcase your expertise, enhancing your brand’s reputation and visibility.

Offer Valuable PDH Credits: Your sessions become more than just informational presentations; they are now avenues for engineers to earn Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits, a key component of their ongoing licensure and professional development.

Seamless Compliance Assurance: We take the complexity out of compliance. Our team ensures that your presentations meet all State Engineering Board and NCEES guidelines, relieving you of the regulatory burden and ensuring a smooth certification process.

Expand Your Professional Network: Engage and connect with a targeted audience of engineering professionals. These sessions provide an excellent platform for networking, establishing new contacts, and strengthening existing relationships.

Contribute to Professional Growth: Play a pivotal role in the professional development of engineers. Your knowledge-sharing not only educates but also inspires and empowers professionals in the engineering field.

Boost Participation Rates: Offering continuing professional development credit significantly increases participation rates, as engineers receive not only valuable PDH credits needed for license renewal but also gain insights into your products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it cost anything to join?

No, there is no charge to join our program. We will evaluate your presentation for compliance with state engineering board and NCEES requirements, along with all other necessary criteria, at no cost to you.

2. Do our customers, the engineers who participate, have to pay anything for the certificate of completion?

No, your customers can obtain their certificates of completion from us completely free of charge. This adds extra value to your sessions, making them more attractive to potential attendees.

3. Are the PDH credits accepted by every state?

Yes, PDH Pro’s continuing education courses are recognized and accepted in every state that requires continuing education. Additionally, we are an approved provider in states that pre-approve content providers, including New Jersey, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, and Indiana, ensuring widespread acceptance and credibility.

4. What is the minimum length of the presentation that is required?

The minimum duration for a presentation to qualify for PDH credit is 50 minutes. A presentation of this length will provide attendees with 1-hour of PDH credit. This ensures that the content is substantial enough to contribute meaningfully to the participants’ professional development.

5. Can we include marketing and sales material in the presentation?

To qualify for PDH credit, the presentation must primarily be technical in nature. You can introduce your company and provide context at the beginning, but the majority of the presentation should be technical content. Presentations that are predominantly sales-oriented do not meet the criteria for PDH credit eligibility. This ensures that the educational value of the session is upheld.

6. Can we offer half-hour credits?

No, the minimum credit we offer is 1 hour. For longer presentations, the PDH credits are allotted in 1-hour increments. For example, a presentation lasting 2 hours would be eligible for 2 PDH credits, a 3-hour presentation for 3 PDH credits, and so on. This structure ensures that the educational sessions provide substantial value and meet the standard requirements for professional development hours.

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