Timed and Monitored Courses for Ohio Engineers

Timed and Monitored Courses for Ohio Engineers

Ohio timed and monitored PDH
Meets Ohio Board Requirements
Certificate Indicates Timed and Monitored

PDH-Pro’s “Timed and Monitored” courses meet the Ohio board requirements (Ohio R.C. section 4733.151). As required, we track hours and provide a certificate of completion that indicates the course is “timed and monitored” to facilitate your renewal.

PDH-Pro developed a series of Timed and Monitored courses that meet the Ohio Board’s continuing education requirements. We developed a special procedure for our recorded and live webinars that allows Ohio engineers to satisfy the Timed and Monitored requirement. Because of this, you can take up to 30 hours of our Timed and Monitored courses or live webinars during the biennial renewal cycle. Look for the special symbol denoting a course is Timed and Monitored.

Live Webinars

Our live webinars also meet the Ohio board requirements for timed and monitored courses. They are a convenient, low-cost, and efficient training option. Login anywhere and interact with the instructor and other participants. Our webinars cover practical, targeted topics. They are guaranteed to be accepted by the Ohio Engineers and Surveyors Board.

Timed and Monitored Courses

Choose from the following Timed and Monitored Courses that meet the Ohio Board’s requirements.

Course Number Title PDH Units (hours) Current Price Purchase
CH-02-601-TMIntroduction to Oil Production Facilities1$30Buy Now
CH-02-602-TMIntroduction to Oil Well Completions2$60Buy Now
CH-02-603-TMIntroduction to Oil Well Drilling Operations2$60Buy Now
CH-02-604-TMIntroduction to Oil & Gas Production Separators2$60Buy Now
CH-02-605-TMIntroduction to Combustion and Combustion Control2$60 Buy Now
CH-02-606-TMIntroduction to Oil Well Artificial Lift Systems2 $60Buy Now
CH-02-607-TMIntroduction to Gas Lift Systems2$60Buy Now
CH-02-609-TMIntroduction to Waterflooding Operations2$60 Buy Now
EE-02-450-TMDesign Your Solar Roof4$120Buy Now
EE-02-451-TMSmart Home Load Control2$60Buy Now
EE-02-452-TMResidential Solar Batteries2$60Buy Now
EE-02-453-TMNEC Fundamentals2$60Buy Now
EE-02-454-TMOffgrid Residential Electrical Design2$60Buy Now
EE-02-455-TMSolar Power Material Selection2$60Buy Now
EE-02-456-TMRight-sizing Residential Solar Power2$60Buy Now
EE-02-458-TMCommunity Solar Development2$60Buy Now
EE-02-460-TMNEC for Onsite Energy2$60Buy Now
EE-02-461-TMNEC Fundamentals for Solar4$120Buy Now
EN-02-308-TMRivers and Flooding2$60Buy Now
EN-02-309-TMCoastal Processes2$60Buy Now
EN-02-700TMAddressing Lead Exposure in our Communities1$30Buy Now
EN-02-701-TMFlint and Lead: The Water-Public Health Connection1$30Buy Now
EN-02-702-TMThe Principles of Groundwater Flow1$30Buy Now
EN-02-703-TMGroundwater and Soil Remediation2$60Buy Now
EN-02-704-TMIntroduction to Natural Hazards2$60Buy Now
EN-02-705-TMGlobal Climate Change2$60Buy Now
EN-02-706-TMSoils and the Environment2$60Buy Now
EN-02-707-TMEnvironmental Pollution2$60Buy Now
EN-02-802-TMIntroduction to Water and Wastewater Treatment3$90Buy Now
EN-02-803-TMDrinking Water Treatment1$30Buy Now
ET-02-500-TMCase Study: The Flint Water Crisis1$30Buy Now
GE-02-306-TMSlope Processes, Landslides and Subsidence2$60Buy Now
SU-02-600-TMChanging Climate: Healthy Community Design and Transportation1$30Buy Now
SU-02-601-TMChanging Climate: Allergies and Asthma1$30Buy Now

Guaranteed to be accepted by the Ohio Engineers and Surveyors Board or we will refund your purchase price – 100% Guaranteed.