7 Ways Engineers Finish Continuing Education Requirements in Virginia

Must Know Methods for Professional Engineers in Virginia to Earn CEU Credits7 Ways Engineers Finish Continuing Education Requirements in Virginia

As of 2020, 42 states have mandatory continuing education requirements for engineers. Virginia is one of the 42 states that have such requirements to renew state licensing. This makes it essential that professional engineers understand how to finish their requirements.

Every professional engineer must complete training to keep their skills current and sharp. Here are 7 ways that Virginia professional engineers are finishing their requirements.

Virginia Engineer Continuing Education Requirements

With no national standards, each state varies in the specifics of their requirements.

Compared to other states, Virginia has a lower number of mandatory hours. The board only requires 16 Professional Development Hours (PDH) every two years. It is also important to note that Virginia does not pre-approve providers or courses. Instead, engineers themselves must identify whether their chosen activities match the requirements.

Online Courses

More than 84% of Virginia engineers earn a majority of their PDH requirements online. While you can still find in-person courses, online courses have become increasingly popular. Most providers have moved entirely online due to the convenience.

In Virginia, there is no limit to how many PDH hours may be completed online. There are also no requirements for “live” or “interactive” courses. This makes it simple for Virginia engineers to finish their courses from the comfort of home.

Course Packages

One way to finish continuing education requirements is through “complete package” courses. These packages include all required courses for one price and are a no-fuss option.

Some packages are state-specific, while others are approved by engineering boards nationwide.

Packages cut the need to worry about the content fitting the state requirements. This is especially helpful in Virginia, which leaves that responsibility to the engineers.

Course packages can be somewhat expensive, costing an average of around 200 USD. But, the bundled nature of the package often means you save more money. It’s often less than the cost of taking courses a-la-carte.

Many packages even allow you to pick and choose what courses you want to take.

Free Courses

Many engineers in Virginia take free courses to finish their engineer PDH requirements. Continuing education courses can be expensive, so taking free courses can save money.

One great way to access free courses is through an engineering societ