Continuing Education for Professional Engineering in Texas: A Guide

Engineering Continuing Education | A Guide for Texas PEsContinuing Education for Professional Engineering in Texas: A Guide

Maintaining your professional standing as a professional engineer in Texas requires ongoing training.

More than 62,000 licensed engineers offer engineering services in Texas. That’s a lot of competition. Staying up-to-date with technology is one way you stand out.

Selecting the best source of training can be a complex decision. The best option is to create a plan that meets your ongoing training needs.

Take your profession to the next level. Learn from industry-leading professionals.  Online courses help you meet the requirements of a professional engineer in Texas.

Here are some of the many factors to consider.

Meet Your Professional Development Requirements

The Texas Board of Professional Engineers requires engineers to attend ongoing training.  Each state requires a specific number of professional development hours (PDH) per year.

Professional engineers in Texas need 15 hours of continuing education each year.  At least one of those hours must be ethics training.

This Continuing Education Program (CEP) is the responsibility of the Texas professional engineer. It’s your job to maintain records of your training.

Information and technology are changing at a fast pace. It’s important to keep up with these changes. Your CEP courses must support engineering, surveying, or ethical activities.

Your continued education will provide you with the tools you need for optimal performance. All activities must relate to engineering, surveying, or ethics.

Let’s Talk About Ethics

A course in ethics is a required part of your continuing education training.  Engineering ethics are moral principles that govern the behavior of professional engineers.

Ethics training includes specific engineering laws for your state. This is an important way to ensure you are current with new ethical practices for the workplace.  It will keep you and your team accountable.

Engineering laws in Texas are complex.  Keeping up-to-date on them can be counted as a component of your annual ethics needs.

There are always interesting case studies to review.  It’s always a good idea to refresh your knowledge of the Texas Engineering Practice Act.

Consider the Convenience of Online Learning

There’s been an increased focus and acceptance of online courses since the pandemic.  Self-paced learning is attractive to many professionals.

They provide training in shorter sessions at the convenience of the engineer.  Online training is available at your fingertips. This allows you to return and review the material at a later date.

Your online courses offer more flexibility. Online learning has grown recently.  They offer the chance to learn new skills or review techniques.

Maintain your standing as a professional engineer by finding online courses.  Discover a package that meets the continuing education requirements for Texas.

Specific Skills Are Important

In Texas, professional engineers are employed in a wide variety of specialties.  Continuing education that targets these specialties is important.

Civil engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, mechanical engineers, and structural engineers are six of the many specialties.

Each engineer may broaden their training to include courses outside of their specialty. Most are happy to learn about advances in their industry. They learn about new technologies that support them in their current positions.

Your course provider should offer packages that target each specialty. This type of package is a convenient way to maintain your PDH training each year.

Each professional engineer is able to choose the one that meets their needs.

Flexibility Within a Framework

Continuing education course providers must understand the requirements of professional engineering in Texas.

Most engineers aren’t interested in spending a large amount of time searching for appropriate courses to take.  They want to engage in their work, ready to solve the next big challenges of the day.

If you are an engineer in Texas, you need a program that offers courses and webinars that qualify as continuing education.

Targeted course material ensures you will go further in your career.  It also allows you to keep your current license in good standing.

An educational provider that offers packaged courses that meet the full requirements of Texas professional engineers is an advantage.

Search for engineering PDH in Texas. You will discover a company that can help you meet your requirements.

Professional Engineering License Requirements

If you are licensed in several states, meeting their requirements can be complex.

Find an educational provider that offers packages to meet these extra licensing requirements. They will help you maintain continuing education hours for all locations.

Multi-state packages allow each professional engineer to select supplemental courses. This allows them to meet the needs of many engineering boards.

These packages provide more flexibility. You can select specific technical courses from the entire library.

Annual License Renewal Dates in Texas

Be aware of your annual licensing deadline.  In Texas, licenses are renewed quarterly.  Your deadline will depend on your original licensing date.

It’s important to keep up with the filing requirements. If you miss the deadline to renew, you may face sanctions for practicing without a license. The Texas Board can also subject you to disciplinary actions.

If you are licensed in more than one state, you must disclose any disciplinary actions to each state board.

Failing to report your administrative oversight results in another ethics violation. That adds insult to injury. So it’s best to keep up to date and file your renewal on time.

Knowledgable Instructors

Find a provider of online continuing education courses that have qualified instructors.

These instructors will provide top-tier training that will advance your career.  Look for courses developed by licensed professional engineers with years of experience in their field.

That will ensure they are applicable to your needs. Courses that provide practical, relevant training are valuable and will further your career.

Discover the Best Online Courses for Professional Engineers in Texas

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