Continuing Education Requirements for Georgia Engineers

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If you are a professional engineer registered in Georgia, you may be asking – What are the continuing education requirements for Georgia PEs?

Professional engineers in Georgia must earn 30 PDH credits during each 24-month period (biennial).The board allows up to 15 hours to be carried forward into the next renewal cycle. All professional engineering licenses in Georgia are renewed on December 31st of even numbered years. Continuing education is known as Continuing Professional Competency in GA.

PDH-Pro has seven continuing education packages for Georgia Engineers. Each package includes 30 hours of courses and is guaranteed to be accepted by the Board.

Refer to our Georgia PE renewal page for more information.

Georgia PDH Credits

The State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (the Board) manages engineering licensure in Georgia. Georgia engineers renew their license every two years; all engineering licenses are renewed on December 31st of even years. During each renewal period, engineers are required to complete 30 PDH hours. Continuing education credits above this amount can be carried over to the next period, up to a maximum of 15 hours. Georgia engineering rules do not require ethics or state law courses as part of their continuing education requirements. Courses on these topics are accepted for CPC credit.

Georgia Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

The Georgia Board allows professional engineers to renew their license online. Engineers are required to certify that they met the continuing education requirements, but it is not necessary to submit documentation during the renewal process. The Board randomly audits professionals to verify their CEUs. The licensee must provide acceptable proof of course completion if requested by the Board. Licensees must keep copies of CEU records for at least 4 years. If a course credit is denied, the board allows 180 days to make up any deficiencies.

Georgia License Renewal Date

Georgia engineers must renew their license every 24-months (2 years). The Board has established December 31st of even numbered years as the date that all engineering licenses are renewed.

Georgia professional engineers can renew their license on the Board’s website. It is the responsibility of each licensee to keep his/her license current and submit the required information and fees prior to the deadline. Engineers who fail to renew on time may be sanctioned by the Board. In cases where a license lapsed and the engineer continued to provide engineering services in the state, the Board ruled that the licensee was guilty of practicing engineering without a license. These administrative lapses result in several disciplinary rulings every year. For engineers who are licensed in multiple states, they will have to report disciplinary decision meted out by the Georgia board to the other engineering boards where they are licensed. Failure to notify the other boards m in a timely manner may result in disciplinary actions from them.

Record Keeping Requirements for Georgia EngineersContinuing Education Requirements for Georgia Engineers

Georgia PEs are required by state rules to keep continuing education records for 4 years. These records do not have to be submitted during the renewal process. However, if the engineer is audited, they must provide the records to the Board in a timely manner.

It is the professional engineer’s responsibility to maintain their continuing education records. We recommend keeping these records in an organized filing system – either your own or one provided by a third party. PDH-Pro keeps records of all students in their online accounts.

The Georgia Board accepts electronic files as documentation of courses you have completed. Each certificate of completion must include the following:

  • Name of the sponsor
  • Course title and brief description
  • Location provided
  • Date
  • Instructor’s name
  • PDH hours awarded

Payment receipts or copies of the course agenda are not accepted evidence of course completion.

Continuing Education Accepted by the Georgia Board

There are many options available to engineers looking to meet the 30 hours of CPC required by the Georgia board. Per the State regulations, courses must be relevant to the practice of engineering within the registrant’s field of practice. The Board accepts topics that cover technical, ethical, or managerial topics. The key criterion – classes must advance your professional or technical competency.

These requirements are outlined in O.C.G.A. 43-15-6(b) and Board Rule 180-11.

Online Courses: Online CEU courses are accepted by the Georgia board. They do limit the number of online hours CPC credit, provided they meet the other requirements. More than three quarters of Georgia engineers complete online courses to satisfy the continuing education requirements.

Live Webinars: One of the most popular continuing education formats is live webinars.  Professional engineers in Georgia report that this type of CEU course is enjoyable and provides valuable information. Webinars are delivered through the internet with an instructor leading the discussion – similar to live seminars and classes. Participants report that they enjoy being able to interact with the instructor and other students.

Seminars: For engineers who are able to attend conferences or college courses, seminars are another option for earning continuing education credits. These on-site courses are taught by subject matter experts, and offer a great way to earn PDH credits. The Georgia board accepts seminars.

PDH’s may also be earned as follows:

  • College courses with a passing grade.
  • Completing correspondence, televised, videotaped, and other short courses/tutorials.
  • Presenting at a seminar, in-house course, workshop, or professional or technical presentation made at meetings, conventions or conferences.
  • Teaching a course
  • Writing a published paper.
  • Active participation in a professional society.
  • Being awarded a patent.

Pre-Approval of Continuing Education Activities

The Georgia board does not pre-approve course sponsors or continuing education courses. The board requires that each licensee evaluate a continuing education activity to determine if it meets their requirements. Currently, there are just 6 states that pre-approve course providers.

Free Continuing Education Courses for GA PEs

Georgia PEs have numerous options available for free continuing education courses. A good place to look is technical and professional societies. Many of them offer free courses to members as part of the dues they charge. If you teach a course or present at a conference, the board will allow credit towards the continuing education requirement

Complete Continuing Education Packages for Georgia EngineersGeorgia engineer continuing education

We have 7 discipline-specific continuing education packages for Georgia engineers. Each package was developed to meet all of the requirements established by the Georgia board. We have packages for chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, and structural engineers.