Continuing Education Requirements for Kentucky Engineers

CEU Requirements for Kentucky Professional EngineersKentucky PE continuing education

Professional engineers (PEs) play an important role in providing products and services for people and companies all over the nation. They provide the public with many of the things they use every day.

In Kentucky professional engineers are required to complete 30 professional development hours (PDH) to renew their licenses biennially. A maximum of 15 continuing education hours can carried forward to the subsequent renewal cycle. There are no required courses, but all activities must have ethical, managerial and technical content relevant to practicing engineering. The renewal date for PEs whose last names start with A to K is June 30 on odd years. For PEs with last names starting with L to Z, their license renewal date is June 30 on even years.

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For a complete list of all license renewal requirements check out our Kentucky PE renewal page.

Required PDH Credits for Kentucky Engineers

The Kentucky Board of Engineers & Land Surveyors (KBOELS) requires PEs to complete 30 PDH to renew their licenses biennially. The board does not require pre-approval of providers or courses, but the content of the courses and activities should enhance the PE’s understanding of engineering laws, rules, ethical, technical and managerial issues and improve their engineering skills. Electronic renewal is allowed. PEs must keep the continuing education activities certificates of completion for four years.

Kentucky Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors

Kentucky PE License Renewal Dates

If the PE’s last name starts with the letters A to K their license renewal date is June 30 on odd years. For PEs with a last name that starts with L through Z, their renewal date is June 30 on even years. Completion certificates and other attendance verification documents for PDH activities and courses must be kept for four years.

Engineering Ethics and Professional Conduct

The board doesn’t require PEs take courses in state laws, rules, ethics and

professional conduct related to practicing engineering. However, the courses should have content relevant to engineering managerial, technical and ethical practices, be led by individuals with engineering training, education and expertise and presented as an organized learning program.

Records Keeping Requirements for Kentucky Engineers

PEs must keep attendance records, the names of sponsors and instructors of the courses and activities, the location in which they were conducted, how long they lasted and the number of PDH the PE received. The documents must be held for 4 years and be presented to the board at their request during audits.

Continuing Education Activities Accepted by the KY BoardContinuing Education Requirements for Kentucky Engineers

The activities PEs use for PDH must have content that’s related to the managerial, technical and ethical elements of engineering. Plus, the presenter must have the proper education, knowledge, training, experience and expertise in engineering practices and present the information in an organized, systematic manner. Some of the activities the board accepts include:

  1. Online courses for unlimited PDH
  2. Audio/Video courses
  3. Structured self-study programs
  4. In-house engineering courses, seminars and training programs
  5. Professional or technical society meetings where engineering principles are taught
  6. Teaching an engineering course
  7. Satellite, online or video engineering related courses with verified attendance
  8. Computer-based courses that improve engineering business or professional practices
  9. Engineering management or ethics courses
  10. Engineering correspondence courses that end with prepared and graded tests
  11. Interactive self-study engineering courses
  12. Live engineering focused webinars

Activities That Don’t Qualify for PDH in Kentucky

  1. Employment or job-related functions
  2. Real estate licensing courses
  3. Personal, financial or estate planning
  4. Personal self-improvement
  5. Service club activities or meetings
  6. Trade show displays or equipment demonstrations
  7. Activities not relevant to the engineering profession
  8. Enrollment without attendance at seminars or courses
  9. Attending or teaching the same course repeatedly
  10. Attending general business or committee meetings not related to engineering
  11. Personal use language courses

Pre-Approval of Engineering Continuing Education Activities

KBOELS does not require pre-approval of activities, courses or providers of PDH continuing education courses. However, all activities should have content related to managerial, technical and ethical engineering practices and be presented in an organized manner by individuals that have the proper engineering training, education, experience and expertise.

Sources of Free Continuing Education Courses

Several organizations offer PEs in Kentucky free continuing education courses with which to get the necessary PDH for license renewal. Some of those sources include:

  1. PDH Pro Courses
  2. ASCE

Kentucky Engineering Licensing Requirements

To become a licensed professional engineer in Kentucky candidates must complete a combination of education, experience, examination and application. They must earn a four year or more engineering degree from an ABET or CEAB accredited engineering program. Engineering technology degrees are not accepted. The candidate must also pass the NCEES administered Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and spend a minimum of 4 years working under the supervision of an experienced, licensed professional engineer doing progressively challenging engineering work.

Candidates must then take and pass the NCEES administered Principles & Practice of Engineering (PPE) Exam. Once those steps have been completed, candidates who have maintained the proper moral character can apply to KBOELS to become a licensed professional engineer able to legally provide engineering services in Kentucky.

Engineering Discipline Restrictions for Continuing Education Courses

The Kentucky engineering board does not restrict or limit which courses engineers can take for PDH based on their area of engineering specialization. However, all PDH activities and courses must have content that’s relevant to maintaining, improving, enhancing or expanding knowledge of or skills in the technical, management or ethical engineering practices. The courses or activities must have as their clear objective or purpose enabling the PE to better practice their engineering specialty.

Complete Engineering Packages for Kentucky PEs

Kentucky Continuing Education CoursesPDH-Pro monitors the license renewal requirements for Kentucky to make certain our courses meet the KBOELS requirements. Our Kentucky continuing education packages were developed to provide PEs a convenient way to renew their license. We offer complete packages for chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, and structural engineers that allow your to focus on technical matters without the additional worry of understanding CE requirements.

Protecting the Public’s Health and Well-Being

The rules, regulations and requirements put in place by KBOELS for gaining and renewing a professional engineer’s license in Kentucky are designed to protect the health and well-being of the public. They ensure PEs have the proper education, training, expertise and experience to provide safe, high quality, engineering services.

This helps to improve the safety and quality of life for people who live or work in Kentucky.