Continuing Education Requirements for Maine Engineers

CEU Requirements for Maine Professional EngineersMaine PE continuing education

If you are a Maine PE looking to renew your license, you may be asking  – What are the continuing education requirement for Maine professional engineers?

The Maine continuing education requirements for professional engineers include: (1) 30 PDHs, (2), the renewal frequency is biennially, (3) the maximum of 15 PDH can be forwarded to the next renewal cycle, (4) the course content can be technical, ethical, or managerial in nature and must be relevant to engineering, and (5), the renewal date is December 31of odd-numbered years.

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Maine PDH Credits

Licensees should be aware that the license renewal period is biennial, meaning that a renewal cycle happens after 2 years. A licensee should complete a total of 30 PDHs within the 2 years. The licensing board in Maine is the Maine Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers (MBLPE). The specific courses that a licensee can take can be technical, ethical, or managerial in nature and they should improve and expand one’s skills and knowledge in their engineering practice. That means that the activities have to be relevant to engineering for them to qualify for PDH credits.

Maine Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers

MBLPE does not pre-approve course providers or courses for continuing education. Instead, engineers have a role to ensure that the courses they take comply with the requirements of the board. It’s important to note that electronic renewal is accepted in Maine. Those wishing to do so are allowed. Of great significance still, the board requires engineers to submit certificates of completion after earning PDH credits. Also, engineers should maintain completion records for a minimum period of 3 years.

License Renewal Dates

The license renewal date for professional engineers is December 31 of odd-numbered years. The renewal happens in a biennial pattern. This means that if a cycle begins on the 31st of December 2021, the next cycle will begin in December 31 2023. After the end of 2 years, a licensee should have completed 30 PDHs. The main objective of every continuing education is to maintain, improve, and broaden one’s skills and knowledge in engineering. Just to reiterate, after the completion of a continuing education course, engineers should keep records for presentation to the board upon request.

Engineering Ethics and Professional Conduct

All engineers should have a high level of engineering ethics and professional conduct. It’s for this rea