Continuing Education Requirements for Oklahoma Engineers

CEU Requirements for Oklahoma Professional Engineers

Oklahoma PE continuing educationIf you are an engineer who is registered in the State of Oklahoma, you may be wondering – What are the continuing education requirement for Oklahoma professional engineers?

Professional engineers (PE) in Oklahoma must complete 30 professional development hours (PDH) every two years and renew their licenses biennially. The board also allows engineers to earn 15 PDH every calendar year, totaling thirty (30) PDH’s per renewal period. PEs renewing their licenses annually cannot carryover excess PDH to the next license renewal period. PEs who choose biennial renewal can carryover up to 15 PDH. All PDH activities must enhance the PE’s engineering business, ethical or technical knowledge or skills. The license renewal date is the end of the month the PE initially received their license.

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Oklahoma Required PDH Credits

The Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (OSBLPELS) requires PEs to complete 15 PDH annually or 30 PDH biennially to renew their licenses. No specific courses are required. However, all PDH courses or activities must maintain, enhance, expand or improve their engineering business, ethical or technical ability.

Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

OSBLPELS does not pre-approve courses, activities or providers. The PE must ensure all PDH continuing education courses or activities meet the board’s approval. PEs can renew their licenses online up to 60 days before it expires. They must keep proof they completed their PDH for 5 years and present it to the board upon request.

Oklahoma Engineering License Renewal Dates

The license renewal date for PEs in Oklahoma is the end of the month they initially got their license. PEs must retain records of all PDH activities, the sponsoring organizations, instructor or speaker’s name, where it was held, its duration and number of PDH earned. PEs must keep all completion certificates, attendance records and other attendance verification documents for 5 years and present it to OSBLPELS when requested during an audit.

Engineering Ethics and Professional Conduct

OSBLPELS doesn’t require PEs take specific professional conduct, state rules or laws or ethics courses for their PDH. However, the activities used for PDH must maintain, enhance, improve and expand their knowledge of and skills in engineering business, ethical and technical practices.

Records Keeping Requirements for EngineersContinuing Education Requirements for Oklahoma Engineers

PEs in Oklahoma must keep records of the PDH activities used to renew their licenses. The records should list the speaker or instructor’s name, the activity’s sponsoring organization, where it was held, how long it lasted and how many PDH it provided. PEs must retain all attendance records, sign-in sheets, completion certificates and other attendance verification materials for 5 years and show it to the Board when requested during an audit.

Continuing Education Activities Accepted by the Oklahoma Board

The board accepts any activity for PDH that maintains, expands, improves or enhances the PE’s engineering knowledge and skills and helps them do better engineering work. An unlimited amount of PDH earned through online courses are allowed. Live webinars and self-study courses that enhance the PE’s engineering activities are acceptable.

Other Activities the Board Accepts for PDH

OSBLPELS accepts any activity for PDH if it’s relevant to practicing engineering, includes managerial, technical or ethical content, is pre-planned, well-organized, delivered in sequential order, its objective is to enhance engineering knowledge and skill, it’s presented by people with proper engineering qualifications and experience and accurate registration and attendance records are kept.  Those activities include:

  1. Auditing or completion of college courses
  2. Auditing or completion of continuing education courses
  3. Completing correspondence, videotaped, television or internet-based, tutorials, short or distance-education courses
  4. Attending or presenting workshops, in-house courses, making technical or professional presentations at engineering related conferences, conventions and meetings
  5. Actively participating or serving as an officer in technical or professional engineering societies, commissions or committees
  6. Actively participating in code, standards or licensing examination development technical commissions or committees
  7. Teaching engineering courses, tutorials or seminars
  8. Authoring published articles, books and papers, accepted building codes or licensing examination items
  9. Being awarded patents
  10. Documented self-study

Activities Not Accepted by the Board for PDH Credit

Some activities not accepted by the board for PDH include:

  1. College courses not specifically designed for educating engineers
  2. Company orientation, refresher courses, on-the-job training and programs outlining business policies and procedures
  3. Educational activities previously completed for PDH
  4. Liberal arts, non-technical, activities for self-improvement, job search or financial gain
  5. First aid, CPR and safety courses
  6. Attending conventions or trade shows
  7. Membership in professional clubs or societies

Pre-Approval of Continuing Education Activities

The board doesn’t require pre-approval of continuing education activities, courses or providers. PEs must ensure all their PDH activities increase their knowledge of engineering management, ethics, business practices, laws and rules and meets OSBLPELS approval.

Sources of Free Continuing Education Courses for Oklahoma Engineers

Many organizations offer free continuing education courses PEs in Oklahoma can use for PDH when renewing their licenses. They include:

  1. PDH Pro Free Engineering CEUs

Oklahoma Engineering Licensing Requirements

To become a licensed PE in Oklahoma requires an engineering degree from an ABET accredited 4-year bachelor’s degree program. Passing the NCEES administered Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and working under an experienced PE’s supervision for 4 years of progressive work experience as an engineer are also required. Candidates must pass the NCEES administered Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam. The engineer can then submit an application to OSBLPELS showing they meet the requisite education, testing success and internship requirements for licensure as a PE in Oklahoma. The board makes the final determination of whether an engineer gets their PE license.

Engineering Discipline Restrictions for Continuing Education Courses

The board doesn’t limit which courses PEs can take for PDH when renewing their licenses based on their engineering specialty. PEs can use any activity for PDH if it increases their knowledge of engineering ethics, laws, rules and practices and makes them better engineers.

Complete Engineering Packages for Oklahoma PEs

Oklahoma engineer continuing educationWe offer continuing education packages for Oklahoma professional engineers. These packages were developed by our team of licensing experts to include all courses required by OSBLPELS. Our Oklahoma Engineering Packages provide a convenient way to renew your PE license. We have packages for most engineering discipline – chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, and structural. These packages include everything you need to renew your engineering license.

Enhancing Public Safety

The process for earning and renewing a PE license in Oklahoma is designed to enhance public safety. It ensures all licensed PEs in the state are properly educated and have the training and experience necessary to do safe, effective, high quality, engineering work.