Continuing Education Requirements for South Carolina Engineers

CEU Requirements for South Carolina Professional Engineers

South Carolina PE continuing educationSouth Carolina engineers frequently ask – What are the engineering continuing education requirements for South Carolina?

South Carolina engineers must earn 30 PDH credits every two years (biennially). Up to 15 hours may be carried forward into the next renewal period. The renewal date for South Carolina professional engineers is June 30th of even numbered years. Continuing education is known as Continuing Professional Competency in SC.

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South Carolina PDH Credits

The Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors establishes continuing education requirements for South Carolina. Professional engineers are required to renew their license every two years (biennally). The Board has established June 30th of even years as the renewal date for all licensees. Every engineer must complete 30 PDH hours during each renewal period. A maximum of 15 PDH can be applied to the next renewal cycle. The Board does not require ethics or state law courses, but they are accepted for continuing education credit.

South Carolina LLRVA-DPOR






South Carolina has an online renewal process. Professional engineers are not required to provide certificates of completion from continuing education courses during the renewal process. If selected for an audit, the licensee must provide documentation of course completion describing the knowledge gained by participation. In general, continuing education courses accepted by other states are accepted if they meet the criteria of the South Carolina Board. If a course credit is denied, the board allows twelve months to make up any deficiencies. Professional engineers are expected to keep copies of course completion documents for at least 3 years.

South Carolina License Renewal DatesContinuing Education Requirements for South Carolina Engineers

South Carolina engineers must renew their license biennially (2 years). All licenses are renewed on June 30th of even numbered years.

South Carolina allows professional engineers to renew their license online. As a PE, you are responsible for renewing your license before the deadline. Failure to renew on time may result in disciplinary action by the Board. The South Carolina Board issues disciplinary order against professional engineers for administrative oversights related to license renewal and continuing education training. Allowing your license to temporarily lapse is considered by the board to be practicing engineering without a license. If you are sanctioned in South Carolina, you are generally required to report a disciplinary decision to the other engineering boards where you are licensed. Failure to notify them in a timely manner can result in additional disciplinary actions.

Records Keeping Requirements for South Carolina Engineers

South Carolina statutes require professional engineers to maintain records of their PDH hours for three years. Engineers are not required to submit these documents during license renewal. The South Carolina board conducts random audits to determine compliance. If audited, licensees must provide continuing education documentation in a timely manner. As a licensed engineer, it is important to save all certificates of completion and keep them in an organized manner. PDH-Pro simplifies this requirement by keeping all course records for our students in their online accounts.

Most continuing education providers issue a certificate of completion. The South Carolina Board allows either paper records or electronic files to prove compliance with their continuing education requirements. The certificate must include the following information:

  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Course name and brief course content description
  • Location
  • Date of Course
  • Name of Instructor
  • Professional Development Hours (PDH) earned

The Board does not accept payment receipts or seminar agenda listings as documentation of course completion.

Continuing Education Activities Accepted by the South Carolina Board

Professional engineers in South Carolina can satisfy the required 30 hours of continuing education in a variety of ways. The Board only requires that CEU activities must enhance the professional attributes of the licensee and be beneficial in an area of practice. These requirements are outlined in Article 6, Chapter 49, Code of Regulations of South Carolina. The Board allows courses in topics such as project management, risk management, state engineering rules, and ethics.

Online Courses: The South Carolina board allows online courses to satisfy the 30 hours of continuing education credits. There is no limit for internet based CEU classes, provided the activity enhances the licensees professional skills and competency. More than 84% of South Carolina engineers earn some of their PDH requirements from online courses.

Live Webinars: Engineering webinar scheduleProfessional engineers can complete live webinars  for continuing education credits. The only requirement is that the course must provide value in the licensees area of practice and improve their professional competency. Webinars are taught by an instructor who is a subject matter expert. This type of course is delivered via an online platform, allowing participants to interact directly with the instructor and other students. Webinars are reported to be more enjoyable and interesting compared to other course delivery formats.

Seminars: Another popular course format among engineers are in-person training events. Examples are conference presentations, on-site seminars held by subject matter experts, and college courses. These courses are a great way to earn continuing education credits, and they are accepted by the South Carolina board, provided they meet the general requirements.

Pre-Approval of Continuing Education Activities

The South Carolina board does not pre-approve continuing education providers; the board does not pre-approve specific courses. Each engineer is responsible for determining if a continuing education activity meets the board requirements. The board rules outline the requirements in detail. Only six states currently require pre-approval of continuing education providers.

Free Continuing Education Courses for SC Engineers

If you are a South Caroline professional, there are several options for free continuing education courses. Members of professional societies such as ASME or ASCE may be elibible continuing education courses that are included with the annual dues. Other acceptable options include US Patents, courses taught by licensee, or publishing a peer-reviewed paper. South Carolina engineers have many options for free continuing education credits.

Complete Engineering Packages for South Carolina PEs

South Carolina engineer continuing educationPDH-Pro has developed several continuing education packages for South Carolina professional engineers. Each of our South Carolina Engineering Packages provide a convenient way to satisfy all of the South Carolina board requirements. Our packages were developed for the following engineering disciplines: chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, and structural. These complete packages allow engineers to focus on their careers without having to worry about the details of the SC continuing education requirements.

Engineering Discipline Restrictions

South Carolina allows engineers to earn continuing education credits in areas outside their specific engineering discipline. The only requirement is that it must contribute to the licensee’s competency and area of practice. The Board notes that engineering practice requires a broad knowledge base, and learning skills outside your practice focus is beneficial.