Engineering College – A Dream for Many

An Engineering Degree is a Path to SuccessEngineering College - A Dream for Many

In all likelihood, you’re aware of the fact that a lot of people hope to pursue a career in engineering.

Yet, choosing which engineering school is best is a problem that faces quite a few of these people. Do you aspire to be a respectable helmet-wearing engineer, but can’t decide which school is most suitable for you?

Look no further because we’re going to help you make up your mind.

Top Engineering Universities in the US

We’re all aware that the highest paying jobs in the US – if not the world – mostly include medical and engineering professions.

Joining an engineering school means you have to deal with undeniably difficult and often challenging curricula. You have to excel in math and science along with other essential subjects for you to be able to pass through.

If you have what it takes to survive such conditions, then congratulations, engineering would definitely be a suitable career path for you. If you are worried about paying for college, read our summary of engineering scholarships.

Having said that, which of the numerous engineering schools available are the best in the country, and most importantly, the best for you?

Here are some of the top engineering universities in the US that you might consider as a fitting option for you.

1.   Stanford University

Ranking at an impressive number six for the best national universities in the US according to the U.S.News, Stanford is one of the many prestigious schools you can enroll in.

Stanford’s school of engineering provides degree programs and research opportunities for both undergraduates and graduates. It also has various departmental major programs, such as chemical engineering, and computer science.

You’ll need a remarkably high GPA and SAT scores in order to compete with other applicants and to ensure yourself a spot in the university.

2.   Princeton UniversityPrinceton University

Considered as one of the top Ivy League schools in the country, in addition to being one of the oldest universities founded in the US, Princeton is the dream school for national and international students.

It consists of six departments for engineering. Courses for each department are available as well. Princeton also has a financial aid program for students who are fit to enroll in the school, but unfortunately can’t afford it.

Don’t worry, according to the school’s admission policy, applying for financial aid won’t harm your chances of getting into Princeton or reduce them by any means.

3.   University of California, Berkeley

Different to the Ivy League schools of Stanford and Princeton, Berkeley is a public school that’s best known for its mechanical engineering department. It offers eleven single majors in engineering -nuclear engineering included-, joint majors, double majors, and anything you dream of.

If you felt like your major wasn’t as suitable for you as you thought it would be, no need to panic because Berkeley gives you the chance to change your major into something more fitting, which of course, occurs under specific circumstances.

4.   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Let’s face it, MIT is a well-known institute that we can’t help but mention.

Not only is it one of the most famous schools known in the US, it has a significant reputation worldwide too. The QS world university rankings have been crowning the MIT as the best university in the world for seven consecutive years now, and the 2019-2020 ranking was no different.

Along with its departments and online programs, MIT has a research program for undergraduates which links between education and research.

Furthermore, MIT also has a program purely dedicated to women, where it offers female high schoolers a four-week residency where they can follow a path in engineering or computer science.

5.   Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgia Tech

Much like the University of California, this four-year public institute was the home of many remarkable people throughout its history.

For instance, John Young, the only person who went to space as a part of the space shuttle program, was a Georgia Tech graduate. Georgia Tech provides 24 different on-campus and online programs regarding engineering and its various fields.

It also offers graduates with a bachelor’s degree a chance to expand their graduate studies. With its vast number of programs available to help you earn your doctor’s or master’s degree, Georgia Tech also helps you by offering its research labs and financial aid if needed.

It gives you space for development even after graduating and prepares you to face the challenges of future job opportunities.

6.   University of Pennsylvania

Considered as one of the oldest leading universities in the US alongside Princeton, Penn University is an Ivy League school with an astounding past. It offers several programs over the course of the summer for both high and middle schoolers who have an affinity for math and science, encouraging them to pursue a path in engineering.

Penn also offers its students chances to study abroad in different parts of the world, allowing them to undergo a whole new experience while fulfilling their engineering major curriculum.

Why Pursue a Career in Engineering?Career in Engineering

Engineering provides you with a variety of job opportunities, thanks to its numerous majors.

The skills and knowledge you gather in engineering schools can also help you obtain jobs outside the engineering realms.

As an engineer, you’ll be working and taking part in projects that’ll improve and benefit other members of society in various aspects. A great contribution, don’t you think?

A Brief Recap

Engineering is a great choice for a career path to go for. It offers you a lot of chances in terms of job options and availability.

It’s a desirable target in the eyes of many, due to its financial security and high paying salaries. Fortunately, not everyone was made for following such a path. There are several opportunities to learn engineering other than getting into a prestigious school.

If you don’t get the chance to enter one of the country’s top schools in engineering, you can always consider enrolling in one of your local community college engineering programs.