How to Pick the Right Engineer Continuing Education Courses

Selecting the Best Engineering CEU CoursesHow to Pick the Right Engineer Continuing Education Courses

Licensed engineers are familiar with the process of looking for the right continuing education courses to take. Most states require professional engineers to take engineer continuing education courses to retain their licenses and improve their skills.

Looking for the right classes can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This helpful guide will list a few ways engineers can choose the right engineer continuing education courses.

Professional Engineer Associations and Organizations

There are many different organizations and associations for professional engineers. The National Society of Professionals Engineers and several other state and local associations offer ways to earn engineering PDH courses.

Some of these opportunities may be free if you are a member of the organization. Take a look at the directory of organizations and associations. Each of them has a website and many of them list their options for PDH for their members.

Becoming a member of a professional organization can have many benefits besides free PDH courses. Consider becoming a member of one of these associations to help you stay in contact with colleagues and provide engineer continuing education tips.

College Continuing Education Courses

If you’re looking where to get engineer continuing education it may be closer than you think. Many local colleagues are now offering continuing education courses for professionals who need to keep up with their license requirements.

If you prefer attending classes at a brick and mortar location this could be a great option for you. Take a look at colleagues in your areas and see what continuing education classes they offer for engineering professionals.

Some of these classes can be completed in a weekend and others can take up to a week to complete. Choose the course that best fits your style of learning to get the most from your course.

Colleges may offer online classes for continuing education credits as well. If you live in an area that is far away from colleges this may be a great alternative to driving a great distance to take a class in person.

Whichever option you choose be sure to make sure the classes offered by the college fit the requirements of your state’s continuing education system.

Online Continuing Education Classes

Speaking of online classes many different companies offer seminars and online classes for continuing education. If you are short on time you can pick up credits by listening to a podcast or watching a seminar online.

There are many seminars offered by reputable engineering associations. Check with your professional organization or association to find out all the opportunities available to you.

Look at the registration details carefully. Sometimes these seminars or courses are free and they only require a registration fee to participate. Other times they require a paid membership with the association that is responsible for hosting the seminar.

Seminars may also be available for free after they are completed. Sometimes recordings are made available after the live presentation is completed and this can count towards your continuing education credits as well.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Some manufacturing representatives offer free lunch and learn sessions. These can take place in your office or at an off-site location where you will be joined by engineers from other firms. Ask your company reps if they hold lunch and learns and when the next session will be.

One of the engineer continuing education best practices is that a lunch and learn session must focus on problems or new technology engineers face. Sometimes product manufacturers will spend the majority of the session talking about their companies products.

To qualify as a legitimate PDH course the rep must focus on broad engineering topics, nit just the companies product line. Lunch and learn sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions from professionals in the field and have a nice lunch while you are learning.

Reputable Engineer Continuing Education Companies

One of the easiest ways to get your mandatory continuing education classes completed is through a reputable continuing education company. Companies like PDH-Pro provide an extensive list of engineering classes as well as cost-saving packages of classes.

Check your state license boards and professional association memberships to find a reputable engineer continuing education company that meets the requirements of your state. Always double check before you buy to make sure you do not sign up or take a class that doesn’t qualify for credits in your state.

Once you have completed the course a reputable company will send you and your state license board a copy of the certificate of completion. This proves to the license board and professional associations that you took the required classes and shows your grade in the class.

Best of all, with engineer continuing education class companies you will have a great selection of classes to choose from. You will be able to take a class that is interesting and relates to your work instead of whatever free class is offered.

This helps you get the most out of your continuing education requirements and makes it seem less of a chore when it comes time to take new classes.

You Have Choices for Continuing Education Courses

These days you have more choices than ever for taking your required engineer continuing education courses. One thing, however, stays the same: engineers are busy people and rarely have time to spare.

That’s why taking classes online through a reputable continuing education company is a great choice for engineers.

PDH-Pro is dedicated to offering valuable courses at a price you can afford. Our format is as easy and hassle-free as continuing education can get.

Take a look at the courses we offer and see if any of them strike your fancy. Our courses will always be available when you are ready and they never expire.