Learning Management Systems: Your Key to Excellent Continuing Education

LMS Enhances Online Learning for EngineersLearning Management Systems: Your Key to Excellent Continuing Education

There is no doubt that online training is becoming more advanced day by day, with many new platforms available to help users gain additional knowledge in their field of study. One of the most popular delivery platforms is the Learning Management System (LMS). Although LMS solutions have been used by multiple industries over the years, in recent times, they have gained popularity in the field of engineering.

LMS has become a great tool for continuing education providers who provide training to professional engineers who are trying to earn continuing professional competency. These platforms are popular due to their portability, accessibility, and selection of various content formats. All of this makes it possible to accommodate all types of learners, all around the world.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about e-learning and how an LMS can provide additional benefits.

What Is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is learning-based software that is specially designed for educating people. It is a complete package for planning, creating, delivering, publishing, and evaluating online courses.

The main purpose of the LMS system is to provide students with a platform for learning new skills and expanding their knowledge base from the convenience of their computer or mobile device. From the perspective of the content and those who create it, the advantage of LMS is that it provides all the necessary tools for educators to develop their own courses and distribute their knowledge across the globe. These online teachers are able to set up and manage their courses without the involvement of any third party.

Benefits of LMS

LMS is a very effective system that provides students with online classrooms where they can interact and learn in a collaborative environment. Compared to the traditional education system, LMS provides amazing advantages. Listed below are some of the most compelling reasons to use LMS to meet your continuing education requirements.

1 – Unlimited Access to E-Learning MaterialseLearning

One of the biggest benefits of LMS is that after a teacher uploads content to the LMS, enrolled students get unlimited access to the course materials. You can then watch and read the content at any time, even while traveling or away from home, by logging into the e-learning platform. There is no need to arrange your schedule around the availability of the teacher, as you can easily watch the online training sessions at a time that suits you and make progress with the skills you need when your schedule allows. The best thing about LMS is that you retain access to the classrooms even after you have finished the course, which ensures continuity in training.

2 – Organized Content in One Place

With information scattered all over the internet, keeping track of which websites contain helpful references and educational materials can be daunting. LMS organizes e-learning content in one place, which helps users to find all the information they need without the inefficiencies of digging through endless pages on the web. With LMS, you can save content to watch at a later time without having to search for it again.

3 – Minimal Expenses

Another advantage to LMS is that it helps you avoid unwanted additional expenses, such as travel costs. Unlike traditional teaching methods, LMS doesn’t require the purchase of any external materials, as the user will get all the needed information online. This saves money on buying books and other learning materials.

Key Features of LMSKey Features of LMS

LMS offers some key features to help students get the most out of their courses and to help teachers design engaging programs that provide benefits to their students. For professional engineers trying to get their professional development hours, these features can provide advantages over other, more traditional, courses.

Intuitive User Interface

For a better learning experience, it is very important to choose a platform that is easy to understand and operate. LMS features an intuitive user interface, which makes learning convenient and accessible to everyone. Anyone can easily use it and learn anything without difficulty.

Reports and Data Analytics

Having access to reports and data analytics for the available classes is beneficial in determining whether a course is engaging or not. These tools help the user to understand the behaviors of other learners, view enrollment numbers, and track completion rates.

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are a great way to make learning even more engaging. These tools are specifically designed to track the progress of students and may include tests and quizzes, projects, exercises, one to one sessions, etc.

Why Is LMS Ideal for Engineering Continuing Education?

Online training can be an efficient and productive way for professional engineers to complete their continuing education requirements while saving time and money. Below are the top three reasons to give LMS a try when looking for your next profession education course.

1.      Mobile Learning

One of the main things that makes LMS ideal for engineers is that it supports mobile learning. Unlike other teaching methods, the only thing you need to carry is a smartphone and you will still have access to the class and all the materials. This is great for professional engineers who may not have the luxury of making long study notes or carrying a laptop with them at all times.

2.      Varied Content Formats

The content in LMS comes in different formats, which makes learning easy and engaging. You can choose from a variety of learning materials such as videos, pdfs, blogs, or online classrooms. If you are someone who doesn’t like to read books, LMS can a lifesaver for you. The platform provides highly detailed webinars that have the benefit of providing engaging video content to watch and listen to without needing to read long pages of text.

3.      Reporting

LMS comes with different types of reporting tools that can help you improve your learning. You can use these reporting tools and check the quality of the courses. These reports will help you evaluate the course and decide what you can do to make the learning more efficient.

PDH-Pro Uses Learning Management System to Deliver Quality Courses

We use a sophisticated Learning Management System to provide original, cutting edge, and accredited courses on a broad range of engineering topics.Our LMS allows us to provide conventional online courses, live webinars, and recorded webinars. We can embed videos in our courses to enhance the transfer of information while also making the material more enjoyable.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our content is the trusted source of continuing education for professional engineers every year. Our top priority is to help you grow, develop, and maintain your technical competency.

The Take Away

Not so long ago, few online learning platforms existed, but with the advancement of time and technology, now anyone can master the skills they need to meet continuing education requirements from anywhere in the world through LMS. This new way of accessing education materials has changed the way professionals learn and, due to its numerous advantages, it is expanding its reach all over the world. Now there are no barriers to maintaining your continuing professional competency and learning anything you want.