Online Engineering Courses – Know The Entry Requirements, Specializations & Career Prospects

Online Engineering Courses and Why You Need ThemOnline Engineering Courses – Know The Entry Requirements, Specializations & Career Prospects

Our online continuing education courses can help professional engineers earn the professional development hours they need in order to renew their license with their state licensing board. But these courses can also do much more than that. They can also help professional engineers quickly and easily learn new technical skills that enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work, while increasing their competency and making them specialists in a subdiscipline of engineering.

Why Take Online Engineering Courses?

Taking online engineering courses better prepares engineers for a wide range traditional and emerging career prospects. Whether your area of specialization is chemical, civil, electrical, or any other type of engineering, our online programs can help you to gain the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of the diverse range of career prospects available in your engineering field. Taking our online engineering courses is a fast, easy, and affordable way to prepare for and expand a career in engineering.

Effective Training

Our online programs have proven to be very effective in helping to train engineers in a wide range of engineering specialties. When you log on to our site, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of online engineering courses we offer. The programs provide both a clear overview of the knowledge and skills different engineering specialties require and the training to make the learning fast and easy.

Flexible Schedule

One of the barriers engineers often experience is finding the time to get the specialized education and training they need. Our online engineering courses remove this barrier because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can log on and learn on you own schedule; all you need is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. Take the online engineering courses within a few days, or spread them out over a period of weeks, it’s all up to you and what you find most convenient.

Quick and Convenient Learning

We make investing in an engineering career fast and convenient – the courses we offer only require an hour or so to complete in one sitting. We can also help engineers design a training schedule that will enable them to quickly complete the courses they need to take advantage of the openings in any engineering specialty they choose.

Credit Hours for License Renewal

Our online programs offer all types of professional engineers the opportunity to access engineering courses that will fulfill the license renewal requirement for professional development hours. In addition to using the courses to meet state board requirements, you can also use them to upgrade and enhance your knowledge base and skills, make yourself better equipped to do your job, or prepare yourself to easily change the focus of your engineering career to another engineering subspecialty.

What Kinds of Specialized Engineering Courses Are Available?

Our online engineering courses can be a valuable asset in helping professional engineers enhance their skills in a variety of specialized engineering disciplines. Whether you are looking for help in increasing your expertise in electrical, civil, chemical, or mechanical engineering, or any other engineering specialty, our online programs can help.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering online programs are specially designed to help professional engineers maintain and expand their technical knowledge and skills in their field of practice. Some of the subjects covered include the following:

  • quality assurance
  • electrical codes
  • electrical distribution systems
  • photovoltaic fundamentals
  • advanced project management techniques
  • electric power requirements of medical facilities and other buildings
  • static electricity and lighting protection
  • auxiliary power systems switchgear

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering online programs provide professional engineers with information on some of the latest innovations in designing, constructing, and maintaining structures like:

  • airports
  • bridges
  • buildings
  • canals
  • dams
  • waste water and sewage systems
  • railways
  • roads
  • public and private sector projects
  • government projects
  • military projects

The courses deal with vital, cutting-edge civil engineering topics related to the latest advancements in the field. Our programs provide valuable insights on civil engineering related materials science that can help to enhance the ability of civil engineers in their work with aluminum, asphalt, carbon fibers, ceramics, steel, thermosetting polymers, and more.

The information provided in the courses consists of concepts and data that can address and improve on the preparation, protection, and prevention issues of civil engineering projects. The courses touch on design processes and offer practical guidance and innovative ideas and techniques that can improve the outcomes of the design, site preparation, and quality control issues civil engineers face every day.

Chemical Engineering

Our chemical engineering online programs review both traditional and next generation topics. They include risk management and process safety techniques like remotely performed partial proof-testing to shorten test time and increase safety. We discuss ways to prioritize risk reduction options and develop plant and corporate technical safety programs, train PHA team leaders, identify inherently safer processes, and analyze explosion, fire, and toxic release hazards. Our programs also touch on chemical and biomolecular engineering safety processes for chemical engineering.

The engineering courses we offer also give chemical engineers information on the latest chemical safety and security guidelines and hazard evaluation procedures. This can help them better understand common chemical reactivity hazards as well as emergency relief systems and sustainable, regenerative, and metabolic water solutions. In addition, the courses include using two-phase flow models in liquid-liquid extraction processes.

Our programs also touch on other subjects that can better prepare engineers for the changing chemical industry operations, such as:

  • environmental life cycle assessment essentials
  • dynamic emulsion characterization analytical tools
  • aquaculture
  • emulsion behavior
  • biofuel production

Whether your area of specialization is chemical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering, our online engineering courses are a valuable resource you can use to enhance your skills, learn new skills, or simply complete your professional development hours to renew your professional engineer license. Visit our website, peruse our course offerings, and then select the ones that best help you to attain your career goals.