Professional Engineering Makes a Significant Contribution to Maryland

Maryland’s Economy Benefits from EngineeringProfessional Engineering Makes a Significant Contribution to Maryland

In Maryland, like everywhere else around the world, engineers use math and science systematically, strategically and creatively to produce practical solutions to problems people face every day. Each day, in a wide array of companies and industries in Maryland, engineers design, develop, test, evaluate, modify, install, maintain and inspect a wide array of products and systems that improve people’s quality of life. Engineers use their understanding of how things work to find practical uses for innovative scientific discoveries and make them available to the general public.

Value of Engineering to Maryland’s Economy

Engineering and engineers are incredibly valuable to the economy of Maryland. A major indicator of a state’s economic health is its ability to encourage and support the growth of a technology sector. According to the State Technology and Science Index created by the Milken Institute, Maryland’s technology sector ranks third nationwide in technology concentration, technology and science workforce, research and development inputs, human capital investment and entrepreneurial infrastructure. All of those are directly or indirectly linked to the work of engineers and engineering.

Innovation, Technology and the Economy

Maryland was ranked fifth nationally in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) employment, people with engineering and science degrees, clusters of technology firms, intensity of productivity, research and development and patent activity, according to the 2018 Bloomberg U.S. Innovation Index. Plus, the State New Economy Index created by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation which uses 25 factors, including innovation and globalization, to evaluate the economy of each state ranked Maryland sixth nationwide. The Consumer Technology Association named Maryland a top ten ‘Innovation Champion’ Engineering played an important role in all of those productivity, technology and economic rankings.

Engineers in Maryland develop high tech products that drive manufacturing. Watch this video that highlights a Maryland manufacturer’s success story.

Technology Industry Employment

Engineers play a major role in generating the economic income in the tech industry.

Mechanical, electrical, civil, aerospace, nuclear, structural, biomedical, chemical, computer, industrial and environmental engineering positions make up a significant portion of the 184,076 tech industry workers Maryland had in 2017. That was the fifth highest tech industry employment concentration of any state and made a significant contribution to the state economy in Maryland. According to the annual Enterprising States Report of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Maryland ranked third nationwide in ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship’. Engineering is a major reason for that.

Annual State Revenue/GDPAnnual State Revenue Engineering

Over the past 5 years Maryland’s GDP has shown consistent growth. According to BEA data, in 2016, the GDP of Maryland was $333,336,000,000 which was the 15th largest of any state economy in the United States. In 2018, Maryland’s GDP was again ranked 15th in the U.S., but the annual state revenue had grown to 417,776,000,000. That represented a 5.23% economic growth in real terms over the past 5 years and showed a 1.02% compound annual growth rate. Real Maryland GDP of $417.776 billion was the highest level ever recorded in the state to date. The good news is in Maryland Real GDP shows signs that steady growth will continue.

Number of Engineering Jobs in Maryland

There are tens of thousands of engineering job in Maryland. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2014 and 2024 engineering positions in Maryland are projected to increase by 4.0% a year. That can lead to an increase of about 65,000 new jobs in that 10 year period. The number of engineering jobs expected to become available in some engineering specialties will grow faster than others. Positions in biomedical engineering are anticipated to increase by 23.1% by 2024. Environmental engineering should grow by 12.4% and the number of civil engineering jobs in Maryland is expected to increase by 8.4% by 2024.

Type of Engineering Work in MarylandEngineering Work in Maryland

There are a variety of types of engineering jobs available in Maryland. Typically, all that’s needed is a bachelor’s degree to enter these occupations. Some of the available engineering jobs are positions like petroleum, agricultural, architectural, biomedical, and industrial engineers. Other available jobs include environmental, mechanical, chemical and marine engineering, as well as Naval architects, materials engineers, electrical engineers, computer network architects, computer hardware, aerospace and nuclear engineers and architectural and engineering managers.

Engineer Salaries in Maryland

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 engineers in Maryland median annual wage was $90,060. By 2018, it had risen to $118,420. Petroleum engineers’ median wage is $129,990. That’s the highest among engineers in Maryland. It’s among the top paying states for engineers. Almost 20 of the top 100 best paying jobs in Maryland is in engineering. They include Architectural and Engineering Managers which pays between $88.990 and $145,470, Biomedical Engineers who earn from $66,730 to $100,200 and Industrial Engineers who make $62,760 to $102,200.

Other Excellent Maryland Engineer Salaries

Environmental Engineers in Maryland have salaries from $52,940 to $102,650, Mechanical Engineers between $62,850 and $109,960, Chemical Engineers make $71,470 and $113,670, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects earn from $74,160 to $114,010 while Materials Engineers make from $72,040 to $116,380. Electrical Engineers make from $64,750 to $116,560, Computer Network Architects pay goes from $58,800 to $121,720, and Computer Hardware Engineers earn $72,820 to $125,290. Aerospace Engineers make salaries of $77,240 to $127,330. Nuclear Engineers can make $88,990 to $137,930 and more.

Maryland Engineering Colleges and UniversitiesMaryland Engineering Colleges and Universities

There are over 30 colleges and universities in Maryland with excellent engineering programs. Budding engineers can earn certificates as well as associates, bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degrees. The top engineering programs in Maryland are offered at the following schools:

  1. Johns Hopkins University-Whiting School of Engineering
  2. University of Maryland-College Park
  3. United States Naval Academy
  4. University of Maryland-Baltimore County
  5. Morgan State University

Engineering in Maryland

Maryland consistently invests in creating highly educated engineers. The state has the highest concentration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs and businesses. Engineers not only help the economy of Maryland to perform at an extremely high level, they design and create the things people use every day. As James A. Michener said in his novel “Space”, ‘Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.’

Are You a Maryland Professional Engineer

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