Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (TBPELS)

TBPELS LogoThe Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (TBPELS) is a state agency that licenses engineers and land surveyors to practice in the state of Texas. The board, which is located in Austin, TX, was established in 1937 as the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. In June of 2019,the Texas Board of Professional Engineers was officially merged with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying to create the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

The Board includes seven committees. They are:

  1. Enforcement Committee
  2. General Issues Committee
  3. Licensing Committee
  4. Legislative Issues Committee
  5. Policy Advisory Committee
  6. Nominating Committee
  7. Joint TBPE/TLS Committee

A key function of the Board is to develop continuing education standards and requirements for PEs in Texas. Currently, all Texas engineers must earn 15 PDH credits each year. Renewals are due on a quarterly basis every year. Check out our detailed article summarizing all of the Texas Continuing Education requirements.

Texas PE Seal

Texas PE SealOnce you are licensed to practice engineering by the TBPE, you must obtain a seal. The TBPE rules for stamp requirements are listed here.

The board provides a sample seal that you can use to have your own seal made from. You are free to use any manufacturer to create your personal seal. The Board does not require you to use an approved vendor.

Texas allows PEs to use either a rubber stamp, impression seal (aka embossing seal), or an electronic seal. Many engineers use the rubber stamp for paper copies of documents and an electronic seal for digital deliverables. For more information about PE Stamping, refer to our comprehensive article.

Texas PE Seal Specifications

The TBPE created detailed requirements for a Professional Engineer’s seal.

  • Seals must be no larger than two inches.
  • The engineer’s name and number must be clearly legible.
  • All physical seals obtained and used by license holders shall be capable of leaving a permanent ink image or permanent impression of the seal attached to the engineering work.
  • You must use your legal first name, or a commonly accepted variation, on the seal. The board refers to this as your “given name”. Your surname must match the name you provided to the board when you applied for licensure
  • Nicknames are not allowed on the seal.
  • You can use either uppercase letters (JOHN DOE) or a combination of upper and lowercase letters (John Doe).
  • You are only allowed to use an original stamp of your seal. The board prohibits using a preprinted blank form with your sea on it. Similarly, you can’t use a decal or other seal replicas.

To get a seal made, use the Seal Vendor Form which includes all of these requirements.

The Board Approves Every PE Seal

Once you have your seal, the Board requires you to submit an original copy of it to them for review. Using your seal, imprint the form and send it to the Board along with a wallet-sized photograph of you. The form is available at: https://engineers.texas.gov/downloads/eb33.pdf

If you bought a rubber stamp, you can scan it and email it to the Board at: sealimprint@engineers.texas.gov. If you purchased an embossing seal, you have to send the original to them in the mail.

Once the Board has your seal, they will review it for accuracy. They send an official email notifying you if your stamp is approved or if corrections are required. Don’t use your seal until you receive formal approval from the Board.

Board Members

The Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors is comprised of nine members.

Daniel Wong, Ph.D., P.E. – Chair
Term: 4/11/13 – To be determined by the Governor
Houston, Texas

Elvira Reyna – Vice-Chair
Term: 06/17/2008 – 09/26/19
Little Elm, TX

Catherine Norwood, P.E. – Secretary
Term: 5/13/16 – 9/26/2021
Midland, TX

Albert Cheng, Treasurer
Term: 5/13/16 – 9/26/2021
Houston, TX

Lamberto Balli, P.E.
Term: 1/7/11 – 9/26/21
San Antonio, Texas

Sina K. Nejad, Ph.D., P.E.
Term:  04/11/2013-09/26/19
Sigma Engineers, Inc.
Beaumont, TX

Ademola Adejokun, P.E.
Term: 12/6/2018 – 9/26/2023
Arlington, TX

Rolando Rubiano, P.E.
Term: 12/6/2018 – 9/26/2023
Harlingen, TX

Kiran Shah
Term: 12/6/2018 – 9/26/2023
Richmond, TX

Board Contact Information

Email: info@pels.texas.gov

Mailing Address: 1917 S. Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78741

Telephone: 512-440-7723

Fax: 512-440-0417

Professional Engineer Lookup

The TBPELS website allows the public to lookup an licensed engineer to confirm that they have a valid license. This service is part of the Board’s efforts to maintain transparency and to maintain the public’s trust and confidence in the profession.

Engineer lookup: https://engineers.texas.gov/roster/pesearch.html

The online lookup feature only includes those PEs who have a renewable license. After a PE’s license has been expired for two or more years it is considered to be “non-renewable”, and it is no longer listed on the PE roster. You can lookup a professional engineer by last name, license number, employer, and engineering discipline.

Important TBPELS Links

Board Website: https://engineers.texas.gov

Disciplinary actions/Report a violation: https://engineers.texas.gov/disciplinary.htm

PE Application / Apply for a License: https://engineers.texas.gov/app/

Continuing Education Information:  https://engineers.texas.gov/CEP_Info.htm