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Our webinar courses allow participants to interact in real time with the instructor via interactive computer conferencing

Most of our webinars are offered once every 2 to 4 months with a limited number of seats. Schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please check our website before purchase. Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to event – we recommend registering earlier to ensure a slot is available. The schedule for our live webinars is listed below.

Live Webinar Courses – Current Offerings

ET-02-901W Live Webinar – The Anatomy of Engineering Disasters: Chernobyl and Fukushima – 2 PDH
This live webinar reviews two of the most disastrous nuclear station accidents of all times: Fukushima and Chernobyl.

PM-02-901W Engineering Achievements of Albert Einstein – 1 PDH
This live webinar is dedicated to the engineering achievements of Dr. Einstein, our teacher, our discoverer, our inspiration! In his loving memory.

PM-02-902W Engineering Achievements of Thomas Edison – 1 PDH
This live webinar establishes, through slides and discussions, the biography and engineering achievements of Thomas Edison.

HS-02-914W An Introduction to Fire Protection Engineering for Buildings – 2 PDH
This live webinar provides an in-depth understanding of fire protection engineering principles. It covers the requirements established by national fire and life safety codes, the design of fire protection systems including sprinklers, hydrants, and fire-resistant materials.

CE-02-913W Suez Canal – History, Design and Lessons Learned – 2 PDH
This live webinar presents an extensive overview of the Suez Canal’s history and development. It delves into the engineering challenges, construction techniques, and the geopolitical significance of the Canal. Key topics include the chronology of the project, technical and economic obstacles, and the Canal’s impact on global trade and politics.

EE-02-450W Design Your Solar Roof – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar course places you behind the desk of a professional solar installer. Learn installation and design tips while learning how to design and specify rooftop solar projects of any size. This class will cover fundamentals of solar project design, including array layout, performance estimating, shade analysis, interconnection strategy, battery sizing, and load control.

EN-02-303W The Principles of Groundwater Flow – 1 PDH
This Live Webinar course provides an overview of the principles of groundwater flow. Groundwater flow is governed by the three outside forces acting on groundwater: gravity (which pulls water downward), external pressure (combination of atmospheric pressure and the weight of the overlying water), and molecular attraction (adherence, surface – tension).

ET-02-904W Introduction to Water Distribution Systems – 2 PDH
This live webinar provides an introduction to water distribution systems. Water distribution systems deliver water to customers in urban and rural areas and represent an important part of the residential and commercial infrastructure. They carry potable water and consist of pipes, fittings, valves, pumps, storage tanks with the associated controls.

EN-02-305W Environmental Pollution – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar provides an overview of water pollution and its impact on human health and the environment. The greatest water pollution problem in the world today is lack of disease-free drinking water for about 20 percent of the world’s population. Waterborne diseases that kill about 2 million people a year, and most of the deaths are of children under the age of 5.

ET-02-903W The St. Francis Dam Failure – 2 PDH
This live webinar reviews the chronology of the St. Francis Dam’s failure, reasons of the collapse, as well as the many lessons learned from this tragedy. It is suitable for civil, structural, and mechanical engineers, as well as design and construction personnel. The course includes technical data and a number of illustrations.

CE-02-915W Panama Canal. History, Design and Lessons Learned – 2 PDH
This live webinar will establish, through slides and discussions, the chronology of the Panama Canal project, engineering and economic challenges addressed by the project, as well as the many benefits that Panama Canal delivered. The canal project was the object of intense public interest at the time of construction and became the subject of numerous books then and since.

EN-02-309W Coastal Processes – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar provides an overview of coastal processes. It focuses on the dynamic coastal environment and convergent zones of continental and oceanic processes. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is concentrated in the coastal zones that are characterized by varied topography, climate, and vegetation. Potential coastal hazards are compounded because the largest cities, and the associated human activities, are located in coastal zones.

EN-02-301W Groundwater and Soil Monitoring – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar course provides an overview of groundwater and soil monitoring best practices. Topics include methods of installing monitoring wells and collecting groundwater samples to ensure samples are representative of water from an aquifer. These methods attempt to minimize the potential for the introduction of contaminants into the ground through the process of installing monitoring wells.

EE-02-451W Smart Home Load Control – 2 PDH
This live webinar covers fundamentals of smart technologies, exploring the safety and security risks of cloud verses local smart hubs, providing a technical review of various internet-of-things technologies. It is an introductory course that is essential for any architect, engineer, project manager, or contractor interested in adding digital electric controls to their existing skillset.

CH-02-605W Introduction to Combustion and Combustion Control – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar provides a clear, practical, easy-to-follow understanding of combustion reactions and how they can be readily applied to selecting, designing, and efficiently operating combustion systems and equipment ranging from boilers and industrial furnaces through incinerators and diesel engines. It incorporates numerous graphics, photographs, charts, and diagrams to illustrate and facilitate the understanding of the different course topics.

CE-02-305W Stormwater Best Management Practices – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar provides an overview of the current state of the practice best management practices (BMPs) for stormwater management with a focus on sustainability. Fifteen different devices, ranging from bioretention cells to infiltration trenches to permeable pavement, are presented with design information and optimum project parameters for selecting and specifying each one.

PM-02-906W Evolution of Building Codes in the US – 2 PDH
This live webinar offers an insightful exploration into the historical development and ongoing evolution of building codes in the U.S. The course focuses on the transition from regional to unified national standards, highlighting key events that shaped these changes.

EE-02-452W Residential Solar Batteries – 2 PDH
In this Live Webinar, you will be introduced to residential battery inverter systems with an emphasis on grid-connected systems like the ever famous Tesla Powerwall. This is not a powerwall class, this is a class to help you better understand the capabilities, costs, and design practices of lithium ion technologies as well as associated design and material selection.

EN-02-304W Global Climate Change – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar provides an overview of climate change and its global impacts. The effects of global climate change include sea level rise, leading to the inundation of coastal cities, severe weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, drought and floods. This course is intended for all engineering disciplines.

EE-02-462W Building Code for Batteries – UL9540 + NFPA855 – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar is about current building codes that are applicable to photovoltaic system batteries. It addresses UL9540 and NPFA855. It is suitable for all engineering disciplines.

EN-02-307W Introduction to Natural Hazards – 2 PDH
This Live Webinar provides an introduction to natural hazards. Natural disasters cause tremendous loss of life and/or property damage across the planet. Earthquakes, floods, cyclones (hurricanes) kill several million people each year, with an average worldwide loss of life of about 150,000 people.

CH-02-601W Live Webinar – Introduction to Oil Production Facilities – 1 PDH
This Live Webinar course provides an overview of oil production and conveyance facilities. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

CH-02-615W Introduction to Oil Well Bottom Hole Pumps – 1 PDH
This live webinar course introduces the basic types and parts of an oil well bottom hole sucker rod pump and how they are designated when constructed. It presents the many types of downhole pumps used for lifting crude oil fluids to surface under problematic downhole conditions such as, entrained gas, sand and other solid trash materials, and the circumstances brought about by an over pumped well.

CH-02-616W Introduction to Oil Well Hydraulic Fracturing Operations – 2 PDH
This live webinar course introduces the basic science, materials, and equipment used to hydraulically fracture an oil well. It defines the oilfield processes used and defines the fracking practices in detail. It also covers the methodology used to design the operation, subsurface geological setting in which it is pumped, and the chemicals used in the process. The tools and equipment on site to pump the costly engineering project are also displayed and discussed.

CH-02-612 Introduction to Oil Well Progressive Cavity Pump Systems – 2 PDH
This on-demand webinar introduces the basics of a progressive cavity pump (PCP) systems, one of the five major oil and gas artificial lift systems and the three crude oil pumping systems. This course shows what surface and downhole equipment used in progressive cavity pumping systems look like and how it functions to facilitate the production and sales of hydrocarbon products under both normal and challenging reservoir conditions.

CH-02-624W Pipeline Chemical Maintenance
This Live Webinar course provides an overview of the basic chemical products used to counter the challenges of process vessel integrity and robust pipeline transportation of crude and manufactured products. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

CH-02-622W Natural Gas Infrastructure
This Live Webinar course provides an overview of the fundamental natural gas production, processing, pipelining, transportation, and distribution necessary to meet the challenges of a growing world economy. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

CH-02-623W Horizontal Directional Drilling
This Live Webinar course provides an overview of the fundamentals of horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) holes for utility infrastructure under roads, lawns, buildings, creeks, and other geographic obstacles. It is intended for all engineering disciplines.

HS-02-101W Compressed Gas Safety
This Live Webinar course reviews the hazards associated with compressed gases and the cylinders used to store them – both chemical and physical, and presents a framework for identifying risk. Worker responsibilities are presented along with safety measures to protect them from injury. It emphasizes hazard identification and safe work practices that apply to all compressed gas operations.

HS-02-104W Introduction to Arc Flash
This Live Webinar course provides the student with an understanding of the arc flash hazard, a familiarity of recognized national consensus standards, and OSHA requirements.