webinar State Approvals

State Approvals

Most states allow engineers to earn all of their PDH credits through self-study courses or by a combination of methods of the engineer’s choosing. On the other hand, some states have specific requirements for “live” or “timed and monitored” educational activities.

  • Wisconsin engineers must earn a minimum of 13 PDH through live instruction either via webinar or in a classroom setting.
  • Iowa engineers need at least 20 of the 30 required PDH to be earned with live training.
  • Ohio engineers can use our webinars to meet the intent of the board’s “timed and monitored” courses which can be used for all of the required credit hours.

PDH-Pro’s live, interactive webinars fulfill the requirements for PDH in the states listed and provide an easy, cost-effective way to earn these credits.

Benefits of a PDH-Pro Webinar

We schedule a variety of webinars each month, and our instructors provide a wealth of real-life experience as part of the courses. Our webinar groups are kept small so that every participant can share ideas and ask questions. If you are licensed in a state that requires live contact hours or simply prefer to learn and share in an interactive format, PDH-Pro webinars are your solution.

Each of our webinars features two-way communication between attendees and the instructor. You can ask questions that become the basis for group discussion. Get help with your current projects and offer help to others in your profession. PDH-Pro’s webinars are all about sharing knowledge. The participation of the attendees is what makes our live webinars a rewarding experience.

A list of upcoming webinars is available on our webinar schedule.