Course NumberET-02-800
PDH Hours2
Workplace Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct for Wisconsin Engineers

Workplace Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct for Wisconsin Engineers

Recent corporate scandals highlight the need not only for appropriate ethical standards and conduct in business, but also for the personal strength and integrity to risk retribution in exposing unethical behavior. The information presented in this course is intended to support professional engineers in recognizing the ethical repercussions of engineering decisions and the importance of fulfilling the public’s expectations of ethical performance in their work.

This course presents some of the ethical responsibilities required by engineers on a day-to-day basis, and examines:

  • Concept of ethics and characteristics associated with it.
  • The role ethics plays in today’s business environment.
  • Results of ethical missteps for employees, businesses, and consumers.
  • Business strategies to prevent and combat unethical behavior in the workplace.

Once you complete your course review, take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of ten (10) questions to earn 2 PDH credit.

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Explain the meaning and importance of truthful representation.
  • Describe the function of an ethical framework.
  • Explain why professional development is necessary to carrying out ethical engineering practices.
  • Explain how the culture of silence relates to business ethics.
  • Describe OSHA’S Whistleblower Protection Program.
  • List five ways to encourage ethical behavior in the workplace.

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