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17 Dec 2017

Engineering Videos

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Engineering Videos

Check out our collection of engineering related videos. These videos cover a wide variety of technical subjects ranging from granular activated carbon to stormwater management to dredging.This series of informative videos is part of our commitment to provide useful information to the engineering communities we serve. We would appreciate learning your thoughts on our video collection and any ideas you have for new topics.

Stormwater Best Management Practices
This informative video presents the United States Environmental Protection Aency’s (USEPA’s) perspective on stormwater management. Solutions include identifying Best Management Practices (BMPs) combined with using innovating stormwater management. The USEPA presents practical solutions to address this problem on a community-wide level with specific strategies for single properties.

Granular Activated Carbon
This informative video presents an overview of what activated carbon is, how it is manufactured, and describes many of its applications. It provides a detailed look at the production of carbon demonstrating how the raw materials are carbonized and then activated with steam to produce granular activated carbon.

Green and Sustainable Remediation
This informative video presents the United States Environmental Protection Aency’s (USEPA’s) perspective on green and sustainable remediaton. Through a series of interviews with USEPA staff and the presentation of case studies, you will learn how these sustainable principles can be applied at soil and groundwater remediation sites.

Arc Flash Hazards
This informative video presents a detailed discussion of the hazards associated with arc flash. It focuses on the human element of arc flash accidents by presenting a series of interviews with victims. These stories provide a stark warning to engineers and others who work with electrical panels that arc flash is a serious risk to be properly managed.

Compressed Gas Safety
This video covers the safe handling of compressed gas cylinders. It presents detailed guidelines used by industry, it reviews the hazards associated with compressed gases, and outlines a series of best practices for compressed gas safety. It also presents Best Practices related to compressed gas safety in a commercial laboratory setting.

Welding Safety
This video provides an overview of health and safety factors associated with welding, it addresses risks from welding and cutting operations, and it describes oxy-fuel gas hazards and controls that can reduce their risk. Other welding hazards such as toxic fumes and gases, radiation, electrical circuits, flammable and combustible materials, and compressed gas cylinders are reviewed.

Dredging Methods
This video demonstrates various dredging methods including mechanical dredging, hydraulic dredging, and hydrodynamic dredging. Mechanical methods presented include clamshell, backhoe, bucket ladder, and dragline; hydraulic dredging methods presented include cutter head and plain suction.

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