TED Talks Explain Engineering Ethics

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TED talks on ethics
15 Nov 2018

TED Talks Explain Engineering Ethics

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TED Talks Explain Engineering Ethics

TED Talks provide a platform for thought leaders and visionaries to present powerful ideas and new ways of thinking about concepts previously considered settled. Many consider TED a think tank that stimulates critical thinking and creativity, and their lectures are engaging, as the large number of You Tube views demonstrates. We highlight six TED talks focused on engineering ethics that address the importance of ethics education, explain the difference between personal and professional ethics, and discuss fundamental tenets of ethical theories.

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Legal vs. Ethical Liability: A Crisis of Leadership and Culture [15:05]
Professor Mel Fugate discusses ethical conduct and professional behavior in this timely TED talk. Dr. Fugate highlights examples of unethical behavior that are common to the modern workplace and offers a framework for business leaders to develop a professional and ethical environment for their employees. Concepts like bullying, retaliation, and discrimination are reviewed within the context of whether they are ethical, how that relates to their legality, and what can be done to resolve behavior that is legal but is clearly unethical.

Science can answer moral questions [23:34]

Sam Harris discusses the relationship between science and human values, and explains how science can build on its existing moral authority to provide the answer