Wisconsin Professional Engineers – Keeping Your Technical Skills Updated

Wisconsin and Continuing Education for EngineersContinuing Education for Wisconsin Professional Engineers

Once upon a time, it was quite common for engineers to jump right into the work field shortly after graduating.

Unlike other major science professions, such as medicine and research, engineers could enter the industry with only a bachelor’s degree to their name, while doctors and scientists are often required to complete postgraduate studies, for example, master’s and doctorate degrees as well as thesis statements.

So as an engineer, you may have been an exception to the rule at a certain point, but in today’s world of hectic competition and rising demands, the bar is set higher for engineers as firms and companies strive to achieve a better quality when it comes to competency in engineering and ethical conduct.

Now, you may be wondering if the outcome of continuing engineering education is that substantial, in other words, would it really make a difference for your particular field?

Well, here at PDH-Pro we truly believe in the value of continuing education for all sorts of engineers, be it construction, mechanical, electrical, structural, or any other area. If you are a professional engineer licensed in the state of Wisconsin, we outline the value continuing education can provide for your career, your clients, and your employer. The reasons why we, along with many national and international engineering societies, share the same opinion regarding continuing education are numerous, so we’ll try to cover the most evident ones.

Updated Engineering Skills

Continuing education courses are your way to properly obtain new skills so you can keep up with the changing demands of the industry. With approved and certified courses, like the ones we provide at PDH-Pro, you gain full uninterrupted access to such information and techniques that open up doors of employment opportunities.

You’ll also be able to stay up to date when it comes to your set of qualifications that need to be constantly upgraded so you can stay in the race for jobs and meet market requirements at any given period of time.

Career Building for Professional Engineers

Advancing in your profession as an engineer can be tough if you don’t have the right base to build your qualifications. You need solid skills in order to move forward with your career, which typically means you’ll be doing more sophisticated tasks.

Having what it takes to perform such jobs can be achieved through continuing education courses that offer varying degrees of difficulty to suit your specific goals. Moreover, continuing education can provide valuable and relevant advice concerning training in new areas.


It’s not possible for most people to simply drop everything they’re doing to pursue traditional full-time professional development. Additionally, trying to go about it with a “catching up” mindset won’t really get you anywhere if you want to accomplish serious improvements in your career.

The dilemma here is usually having multiple obligations that demand your attention, so it becomes virtually impossible for you to juggle all your financial, personal, and professional responsibilities at the same time.

With continuing education courses, you get a much more convenient outlet that enables you to receive all the skills and knowledge you need, while still being able to manage your ongoing commitments. Even more so when the courses are delivered online, as we do at PDH-Pro, allowing you to take the education just about anywhere you go for extra convenience.

Why Should a Wisconsin Professional Engineer Consider Continuing Education?

Besides the Board requirements mentioned above, continuing education is a crucial step for your career progress, especially if you’re a professional engineer registered in the state of Wisconsin.

Back in 2016, the Wisconsin Board began requiring PEs to complete courses of continuing education as part of their movement to ensure competence. With the adoption of this program, Wisconsin is now in compliance with the NCEES model program guidelines.

Basically, what this means is that more and more engineers in various fields of the industry are seeking further learning opportunities to keep up with the Wisconsin market demands and better qualify for advanced jobs with higher pay.

You certainly don’t want to be the one missing out, particularly with such fierce competition on the rise in Wisconsin State, and so, we offer you our services of credible continuing education engineering courses.

Why Choose PDH-Pro for Continuing Education Engineering Courses?

If you’re a Wisconsin professional engineer and you’re now looking to start your continuing education journey, we urge you to consider our very own engineering courses to really take your career to the next level, and here’s how we back up our claim:

1. Money Back Guarantee

At PDH-Pro, we’re fully aware of the challenges and demands that you regularly face as an engineer going about your professional life. We understand and acknowledge the standards and requirements set by the Wisconsin Board for engineering continuing education programs.

Consequently, we provide courses that are absolutely approved by the Wisconsin Board. Actually, we’re so confident in the quality of our courses that we offer a full refund if they get refused.

2. Reliability

We go all out with our courses to present you with reliable education and results that you can trust. All of our continuing education engineering courses are prepared by licensed engineers who are experts in their respective subject matter.

We closely keep track of every course to make sure that you get awarded your credits consistently with the time required for reading the material and passing the quiz.

Additionally, we clearly list any state acceptance restrictions on the overview page of each one of our courses, allowing you to simply check whether or not it’s eligible in your state.

3. Variety

Not only do we offer continuing education courses for professional engineers that meet the requirements of the Wisconsin Engineering Board, but we also provide them in multiple categories and forms to serve the needs of all engineers.

We have Ethics courses developed specifically for Wisconsin PEs,  as well as courses in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Structural Engineering.

We deliver our courses online as allowed by the Wisconsin Board. We also provide live webinars that meet the Wisconsin requirements for live and interactive courses.

4. Continuing Education Packages for Wisconsin Engineer

Last but not least, we have two levels of PE Renewal Packages especially created for Wisconsin engineers to help you save money. You can select one of our 30-hour Complete Packages that includes the required course on engineering ethics and professionalism and 13 hours of live, interactive courses. We also offer a 17-hour Package that includes the required engineering ethics and professionalism course and online courses. Within each level, you can select a package from your discipline – civil, chemical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, or structural.

Feel free to browse our course library for more information and details.