Continuing Education for Texas Professional Engineers

Texas Engineers must earn 15 PDH credits every year
8 Dec 2019

Continuing Education for Texas Professional Engineers

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Texas Engineering Continuing EducationContinuing Education for Texas Professional Engineers

In today’s fast-paced world, we continue to witness the rapid development of techniques and methods in almost every scientific and technical profession out there, and well, engineering is surely at the top of the list.

Being involved in nearly all aspects of the life surrounding us, it makes sense for engineering to be under constant changes, especially with the rise of new methodologies that seem to emerge every single day, and by the looks of it, this will never stop.

As a professional engineer, you absolutely must keep up with the beat of such advancement if you want to stay in the race.

Surely, there was a time when you could enter the industry right after graduating from college with only a bachelor’s degree to your name, but as the times changed, postgraduate studies are considered as vital for engineers as they are for doctors, researchers, and members of other major professions.

This isn’t us just talking, on the contrary, continuing education can be considered crucial to all PEs who are licensed and plan on keeping it that way in the future.

Other than that, engineering societies on a national and international scale encourage continuing education and promote lifelong learning to ensure a high level of competence in the industry.

Here at PDH-Pro, we share the same mindset as we truly believe in the benefits of continuing education courses, especially for engineers. A few of those are:

Access to New Skills

One of the best aspects of continuing education courses is that they grant you access to up to date skills needed to meet the ever-changing demands of new jobs and contracts.

As an engineer, such skills are important because they’ll open up doors to a lot of opportunities to grow professionally. You can have your set of qualifications upgraded on a regular basis the more learning you complete.

This will increase your chances of remaining relevant to employers in the industry as you demonstrate knowledge of new techniques and methodologies.

Career Progression

Naturally, as time goes by, you’ll want to advance your career in your respective field of engineering. However, the major issue facing most engineers is that moving forward with their careers requires building solid fundamentals when it comes to market qualifications.

Such high levels of skills can’t possibly be achieved by a casual “catching up” approach, just skimming the top of different subjects. What you need is an uninterrupted, in-depth education to really widen your engineering horizons and enable you to take on more complicated tasks.

Continuing education courses, like the ones we offer at PDH-Pro, come in varying degrees of difficulty to suit your current needs and challenge your professional comfort zone.

Convenient Availability

A particularly great advantage of continuing education courses is their convenience, which really shines through for engineers with other commitments to maintain.

The main dilemma for these engineers is that they can’t just drop all their obligations to pursue professional development with a full-time schedule.

Online continuing education courses helps eliminate such an issue since physical presence is out of the equation. They also allow engineers to learn just about anywhere they want, whether at home, outside, or even during travels for work.

This practically custom availability is an ideal solution for engineers to be able to manage their numerous financial, professional, and personal responsibilities, all the while keeping up with their ongoing courses.

Why Should a Texas Professional Engineer Consider Continuing Education?

Nowadays, most state engineering boards require their registered engineers to present evidence of regular participation in learning experiences for them to stay holding a license of practice.

This applies to all Texas professional engineers as the state board requires them to earn 15 hours of PDH (professional development hours) each year to renew their license, with a minimum of one hour related to ethics.

You can take a look at our Texas CEU requirements for professional engineers page for all the details.

This basically means that every Texas engineer will probably seek routes for career advancement, and it’s up to you to keep up with the competition.

Why Choose PDH-Pro for Continuing Education Engineering Courses?

If you’re a Texas professional engineer and you’re currently on a mission to start your continuing education journey, we urge you to consider our very own engineering courses to really take your career to the next level. Here’s how we back up our claim:

Money Back Guarantee

At PDH-Pro, we fully understand and acknowledge the standards and requirements set by the Texas Engineering Board for continuing education programs.

We’re aware of the challenges and demands that you regularly face as an engineer going about your professional life, so we aim to give you simple and cost-effective solutions to your continuing education requirements.

Consequently, we provide courses approved by the Texas Board and we absolutely stand behind their quality.

In fact, we’re so confident in our courses that we offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason your state licensing board doesn’t accept our courses, you’ll receive a full price refund.


We strive to present you with reliable education and results that you can trust. All of our continuing education engineering courses are prepared by licensed engineers who are experts in their respective subject matter.

We closely keep track of every course to make sure that you get awarded your credit hours consistent with the time required for reading the material and passing the quiz.

We also have our training material available for free reviewing, so you can decide if it suits your specific continuing education requirements.

Additionally, we clearly list any state acceptance restrictions on the overview page of each one of our courses, allowing you to simply check whether or not it’s eligible in your state.


Not only do we offer continuing education courses for professional engineers that meet the requirements of the Texas Engineering Board, but we also provide them in many categories and forms to cover the needs of all types of engineers.

We have courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering as well as several other fields.

We deliver our courses online as approved by the Texas Board. We also offer self-study courses, seminars, as well as live webinars that meet the general guidelines for interactive courses, which are all accepted by the Texas Board.

Last but not least, we created 11 continuing education packages designed specifically for Texas professional engineers to help them fulfill all of the PDH requirements set by the Texas Board, and at the same time, save up on the cost.

Be sure to browse our course library for further information and details.


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