Continuing Education Requirements for South Dakota Engineers

CEU Requirements for South Dakota Professional EngineersSouth Dakota PE continuing education

One of the most common questions we receive is – What are the continuing education requirement for South Dakota professional engineers?

The following are the continuing education requirements for professional engineers in South Dakota: (1) a total of 30 PDHs, (2), a biennial renewal frequency, (3) a maximum of 15 PDHs transferable to the next renewal period, (4) the course content can be technical, ethical, or managerial and should be relevant to engineering, and (5), the renewal date is based on the date of initial licensure.

PDH-Pro has developed a set of complete continuing education packages for South Dakota engineers. These packages meet all of the Board’s CEU requirements.

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Required PDH Credits

The renewal period is biennial. This implies that engineers have to go through a cycle of 2 years for their continuing education. Basically, a licensee should complete a total of 30 PDHs within the 2 years. The licensing board in South Dakota is the South Dakota Board of Technical Professions (SDBTP). The specific courses that a licensee can take can be technical, ethical, or managerial in nature. They should aim at improving and broadening one’s skills and knowledge in a particular engineering practice. Essentially, this implies that the courses have to be related to one’s engineering discipline for them to be accepted for PDH credits.

South Dakota Board of Technical Professions

SDBTP does not pre-approve course providers or courses for continuing education. As a result, each engineer has to determine whether the course activities chosen meet the standards of the board for the awarding of PDH credits. In addition, it’s pivotal for licensees in South Dakota to know that electronic renewal is allowed by the board. Upon the conclusion of course activities, engineers should submit certificates of completion to the board. Record keeping is a vital obligation for engineers, and they should do it for a minimum of 3 years.

South Dakota Engineering License Renewal Dates

The license renewal date for professional engineers in South Dakota is usually based on the date of initial licensure. The renewal cycle is biennial. Once the 2 years are over, a licensee should have done 30 PDHs. When one commits to a continuing education course, the main agenda is to maintain, increase, and broaden one’s skills and knowledge in engineering practice. It’s worth mentioning that after the end of a continuing education course, engineers should have a record of their credits and activities for presentation to the board.

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